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HT is located at ( port 7007; use this to connect via your favorite client, telnet, or you can use the flash client ( to connect without a client! We recommend Potato for Windows PCs or Atlantis for Macs. Click here for more info about connecting!

What's happening?!

Over fifteen turns of Thread has fallen in 12th Pass over a conservative Pern peppered liberally (pun intended) with progressive Oldtimers from 10th interval, in Harper's Tale's current iteration. The conflict of ideology between the traditionalist Nowtimers and the Oldtimers - liberal survivors of apocalyptic comets from 10th Interval that both destroyed Crom Hold and changed the face of Pern as any remembered it to be - makes life, as they say, interesting.

More than Thread challenges those that walk the many roads available in HT's setting. From dirty trader politics in Igen Weyr's in-house and eccentric bazaar, icy antics of the indigenous wildlings in Southern Barrier Hold, and the struggles of both weyrs (Igen and Southern) that rise to defend all of the above, there's a little taste for any plotline that a player may be interested in delving into. Log in and check us out for more information!

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You'll want to get caught up! Log in and see what interests you most: bringing your character forward or "reskinning" your existing character into a future character/rider at one of the new areas ({New} Southern Weyr / Igen Weyr). A lot of options are open to returning players — even if you've not connected in a long time!

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2020's Threadfall Dates!

Want to see our Threadfall history? Head on over to HT's Thread Schedule! Below are the Threadfall dates for the next quarter! The Thread Schedule can also be found from the top nav: Pern -> Thread Schedule!

Title OOC Date Summary
2020 Q1 Threadfall January 1, 2020 Threadfall Summary - January-March 2020

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There have been 16 scenes in the last two days.

Title Cast Summary

Twins Among The Tubers
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Vasilissa, Verik

Vasilissa gets an unexpected tuber-sorting partner.

Boardwalk Banter
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Rhoswyn, Ulrika

Rhoswyn's practice at the boardwalk earns her a meal, courtesy of Ulrika.

Two for One
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Halle, Maeve

Halle is going shopping, Maeve is window shopping.

Leaving Home (vignette)
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Annis, Agertha

Annis is off to join the Healers. Agertha's feeling mixed emotions.

Knots Keep Moving
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A'roy, R'zel

R'zel asks to speak to A'roy, and a party needs to be planned (but not for A'roy).

Might Be Phlox
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Casla, Divale

Casla and Divale meet somewhere decently public to talk. Casla has a gift for her… it might be a phlox.

Mandatory Leave
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Taurie, Amani

Amani catches her assistant trying to work late and, after a chat, decides to do something about the workaholism.

Baby Dragon Scavengers
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Khu, S'hius, Va'os, Vosji
Ixzhulqvoth, Elszerath, Iskanzivoth

A group of weyrlings experience a combination of different mindlink lessons all woven into one. There are some bruises, but no one dies.

Messes are made, messes are cleaned
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S'hius, Zafi & Beaumerath, Elszerath

One dragon makes a mess by climbing things it shouldn't. The other just has their poo cleaned up. Then they both decide to play in some makeshift sand mud for a bit after being given the idea from their charges.

Some toilet related stuff

The Next Chapter
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Idara, Kahra

A pre-dawn meeting between two old friends and the gossip is good.

talk about sex

Understanding {Vig}
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Hallekan, Khu & Ixzhulqvoth

Khu and Hallekan come to an understanding.

Hey, Wait a Minute!
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Ryott, Verik

Verik makes a tactical error and Ryott snags a candidate.

Future defenders
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Diem, Ze'ran, Zsaviranth, Iandeleoth

Weyrlings on patrol meet Diem and offend Zsaviranth.

{vig} No need for alarm!
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M'kai & Qiyarth

Look, Qiyarth can’t set the world to rights in one day, but perhaps M’kai can find a little peace.

What the heart wants...
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Edomar, Maeve

Maeve comes to visit Edomar in the Infirmary, and is left with a serious case of heart ache.


Meaty Discussions
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Khu & Ixzhulqvoth, M'kai & Qiyarth, Zafi & Beaumerath

Just your typical weyrling chats about meats and the dragons that want them.

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