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HT is located at ( port 7007; use this to connect via your favorite client, telnet, or you can use the flash client ( to connect without a client!

What's happening?!

Thread falls in 12th Pass in Harper's Tale, over a conservative Pern peppered liberally (pun intended) with progressive Oldtimers from 10th Interval, those survivors who timed it forwards to flee an apocalyptic falling of comets that destroyed Crom Hold and changed the face of Pern as they remembered it. More than Thread challenges the denizens of the Pern that they find themselves in, this place rife with danger in a still very much newly settled Southern Weyr and dirty trader politics (Igen Weyr). Log in and check us out for more information!

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You'll want to get caught up! Log in and see what interests you most: bringing your character forward or "reskinning" your existing character into a future character/rider at one of the new areas ({New} Southern Weyr / Igen Weyr). A lot of options are open to returning players — even if you've not connected in a long time!

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2017's Threadfall Dates!

Want to see our Threadfall history? Head on over to HT's Thread Schedule! Below are the Threadfall dates for the next quarter! The Thread Schedule can also be found from the top nav: Pern -> Thread Schedule!

Title OOC Date Summary
2017 Q1 Threadfall Schedule January 1, 2017 Threadfall Summary - January-March 2017

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Thrown for a Loop
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Eala, Diem, T'ral

Action never stops at the Pit. Not even during a sandstorm. Impromptu amateur night and massive spar-brawl.

Bandages and a Bad-Tempered Brown
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Beris, Divale

Beris returns Divale's checking-on favour, coming to see how the brown rider is after her terrible injury.

{Vig} Not yet...but soon!
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The eggs continue to harden, and Sorvani wins her race against the clock.

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Hannah, Ko'an

Hannah's quiet moment is interrupted. It's a good thing those eggs are hatching soon.

Where There is Smoke... Vig
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Tezca, NPCs Tohapel, Shiel

Tezca 'reintroduces' himself to one of his growers.

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Divale, Lukoith, Zavyr

Zavyr goes to check on Lukoith. Divale had had the idea to escape the infirmary.

Mooning Talk
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Sorvani, Yfana

Yfana's wet so she's just going to steal some of Sorvani's mending.

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Xia, Chelsa, Zafroxth, Kuramaeth

Kuramaeth finally answers the is-she-or-isn't-she question (spoiler: she totally is), and Zafroxth happens to be around. Chelsa and Xia get caught in it too.

Flight stuff.

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