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HT is located at ( port 7007; use this to connect via your favorite client, telnet, or you can use the flash client ( to connect without a client! We recommend Potato for Windows PCs or Atlantis for Macs. Click here for more info about connecting!

What's happening?!

Over fifteen turns of Thread has fallen in 12th Pass over a conservative Pern peppered liberally (pun intended) with progressive Oldtimers from 10th interval, in Harper's Tale's current iteration. The conflict of ideology between the traditionalist Nowtimers and the Oldtimers - liberal survivors of apocalyptic comets from 10th Interval that both destroyed Crom Hold and changed the face of Pern as any remembered it to be - makes life, as they say, interesting.

More than Thread challenges those that walk the many roads available in HT's setting. From dirty trader politics in Igen Weyr's in-house and eccentric bazaar, icy antics of the indigenous wildlings in Southern Barrier Hold, and the struggles of both weyrs (Igen and Southern) that rise to defend all of the above, there's a little taste for any plotline that a player may be interested in delving into. Log in and check us out for more information!

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You'll want to get caught up! Log in and see what interests you most: bringing your character forward or "reskinning" your existing character into a future character/rider at one of the new areas ({New} Southern Weyr / Igen Weyr). A lot of options are open to returning players — even if you've not connected in a long time!

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2020's Threadfall Dates!

Want to see our Threadfall history? Head on over to HT's Thread Schedule! Below are the Threadfall dates for the next quarter! The Thread Schedule can also be found from the top nav: Pern -> Thread Schedule!

Title OOC Date Summary
2020 Q1 Threadfall January 1, 2020 Threadfall Summary - January-March 2020

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There have been 17 scenes in the last two days.

Title Cast Summary

A Tale of Two Candidates
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Aylee, R'kyr, Zefran | Dhazkyth

Dhazkyth causes a scene and Zefran does something unexpected. R'kyr's a joke, and Aylee - the prize of all prizes - smells really good.


Gift Exchange
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Th'res, Amani

Clutchsiblings catch up a bit and make a trade - a tangible gift for advice imparted.

Goats and Glory
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Niaeri, Zafina

Niaeri is running from something in the bazaar, and Zafina helps a girl out. MAJORLY.

You break him, you buy him!
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Azraelle, Divale, Maikah

Maikah was just minding his own business (attempting) to train his firelizards, when he's interrupted not by one, but two riders! Azraelle was merely on her way through, but Divale lingered for reasons soon revealed…

(Un)solicited Advice
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Th'res, Alyna

Wingleaders, and long time friends, have a bit of a chat when they probably should be working.

Backdated just a bit

Tangles and Tribulations
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Casla, Khulan

From Casla's sad, weak hair to Khulan's Candidacy, with firelizard tangle-ups and egg illustrations in betweeen.

Wild Rider Meets Wild Dophineer Apprentice
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Fja'vn, Novi

Fja'vn and Novi meet. A chuckle is had over their mutual inability to recall the names of people.

Goat Dealing
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K'vre, Zafina

Zafina tries a novel tactic to sell goats.

Slightly backdatd

Welcome Home, Asshole
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K'mine, R'kyr, Sophius

Hijinx in the galleries between an old pair of clutchmates who know eachother a little too well. Sophius is pulled from innocent bystander status in the mix.

Can YOU Turn Down A Naked Woman?
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Meztillian, Tzielle

Tzielle and Meztillian go to wash off, and Tzielle gets all up into Meztillian's business. (Someday they're going to have a baby with EVERY T and EVERY Z and EVERY I and every beautiful cheekbones ever! well uh… …. …. maybe.)

Bone-Cheating Quacks?!
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Akhiqar, Iaela, Jeneeva

A ruckus happens in the bazaar that changes the direction of Akhiqar's life.

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Kevashi, K'vre

K'vre has a very special question for Kevashi.

Present Plans and Ponderings of the Past
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R'zel, Amani

Southerns Weyrleader and Weyrwoman converse over lunch in The Treble Clef.

Who says Sheeps are boring?
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Devana, Maikah

Maikah heads out to look for a wayward ram, instead he pretty much tramples through a wildling encampment, picking up a Devana in the process. No sheep were harmed in the making of this log.

Black Rock Confidential
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Alyna, Nathan, Z'an

Two Ocelots and a harper, incognito in a low dive in Black Rock!

Jeneeva Arrives
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Jeneeva, Zefran

Jeneeva arrives at Igen Weyr and browses the bazaar.

Night(hearth) Moves
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Azraelle, Maikah

Trying to avoid weirdness in the Living Caverns, Maikah creates weirdness ALL OF HIS OWN. Thankfully Azraelle is full of grace.

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