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What's happening?!

Over twenty turns of Thread has fallen in 12th Pass over a conservative Pern peppered liberally (pun intended) with progressive Oldtimers from 10th interval, in Harper's Tale's current iteration. The conflict of ideology between the traditionalist Nowtimers and the Oldtimers - liberal survivors of apocalyptic comets from 10th Interval that both destroyed Crom Hold and changed the face of Pern as any remembered it to be - makes life, as they say, interesting.

More than Thread challenges those that walk the many roads available in HT's setting. From dirty trader politics in Igen Weyr's in-house and eccentric bazaar, icy antics of the indigenous wildlings in Southern Barrier Hold, and the struggles of both weyrs (Igen and Southern) that rise to defend all of the above, there's a little taste for any plotline that a player may be interested in delving into. Log in and check us out for more information!

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You'll want to get caught up! Log in and see what interests you most: bringing your character forward or "reskinning" your existing character into a future character/rider at one of the new areas ({New} Southern Weyr / Igen Weyr). A lot of options are open to returning players — even if you've not connected in a long time!

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2021 Q2 Threadfall (April - June) March 1st 2021 Threadfall Summary - April - June 2021

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Well at least the Cantina doesn't sell magic beans!
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Zephiro, Naneska, Agertha, Korbren

The first winter sandstorm, sees a motley crew of all sorts descend upon the Dustbowl Cantina

Back in the desert
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Naneska, Ryott

Two recently returned desert dwellers meet at the Standing Stones

Picking Pleasure
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Aiiqa, R'xim

R'xim visits Rosie's post-threadfall while Aiiqa is working.

Sexual themes

Protecting the Homestead
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Caxeyla, Divale & Lukoith, I'dre & Mhiruth, Kh'an & Xhieleioth, Khu & Ixzhulqvoth, K'shi & Zhikanikoth, S'hius & Elszerath, Va'os & Tsiroth, Z'kul & Tzadhaeielth

Threadfall over Igen Weyr! Aside from two (technically three) serious injuries and a smattering of minor ones, the 'Fall is successfully flown and the day is saved!

Some edits to remove scoring and movement spam have been made!

Tokens and Barbs
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Divale & Lukoith, Kh'an & Xhieleioth

Post-flight, Divale and Kh'an chat briefly. It goes better than expected.

Backdated to immediately after The Song of the Siren

Something To Think About
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Fr'sar, Ylisa

A new gitar string leads to a surprising offer.

Another On the Roster
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Linny & Kaelidyth, B'ret & Havith

B'ret helps Linny take a walk and ends up posing an all-too-familiar question.

A Second Chance
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Gi'mul, Linny

With Linny and Kaelidyth finally reunited, Gi'mul stops by to ask them a question.

Catching Up In The Caverns
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Mrayya, Vassa

A Healer and a Goldling catch up a little during a late breakfast.

Breakfast in the Bazaar
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Aiiqa, R'xim, Sytrenne

Three paths cross near a breakfast booth.

Volunteering or Duty?
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Aylee & Tissavyth, Z'kul & Tzadhaeielth

Once again, Z'kul has questions - and Aylee ends up with a new knot.

Backdated to a few days after A Vote of Confidence

Softer Matters {Vig}
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Directly following Formidable and Frustrated, Jairab gives himself a reality check.

Spirals in the Snow
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Vassa & Skathistjarnath, Zsenzuuth

Vassa and Skathi are on the way to the beach when a living whirlpool drops in.

Formidable and Frustrated
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Jairab, Sytrenne

On their way back from Igen Hold, Jairab and Sytrenne have a chat when they camp at night.

Some angst

Lives Braided Together
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Sienna, Sadaiya

Dreams, foreshadowing, reconnecting, and lifelong friendship.

The Weyrleader's Curse
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Kavea, Khu

Trellis leaves some gifts in the Weyrleader's office. Khu is there to retrieve them and encounters a visitor.

Some Weyrling Woes During Lunchtime
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Mae, Vassa

A greenling and goldling share some of their troubles over lunch.

Finding The Balance
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Kavea, Z'kul

Post-clutching, Kavea has a (work appropriate!) gift for the new Weyrleader. Some kind of situationship is established.

Some language

Second Chances
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Parli & Swaronth, T'sei & Xhiyanth

Ista gets another visitor - this time from Telgar. T'sei welcomes Parli and it goes better than expected.

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