igraine_default.jpg Igraine It started as a way to forget heartbreak, to get used to the idea of sleeping with a woman he hardly knew. But soon, all too soon, it became more. For her intelligence and independent spirit soon caught his interest. And her utterly feminine response to him intrigued him. And then, her kittenish ways made it hard to imagine doing without her. And so, he asked her to become his life's human partner.
milosh_default.jpg Milosh Milosh, Zingari Trader — friend, lover. Igraine introduced him t'me… needed to know what was what if there was a time I ended up with a man after a flight. Mebbe havin'… those kinda interests ain't half as bad as I been told. Naw, it really ain't.
riza_default.jpg Riza Riza, Arroyo wingrider, my good friend and lil sister. Dunno why I am friends with all these wild lil girls, but there it is. She's fun, though, even if she drive me crazy every now'n then. Wouldn't trade her for the world.
k-mine_default.jpg K'mine K'mine, Sirocco wingrider, good friend. If this boy don't get the stick all the way outta his ass, he gonna have some interestin' problems later on in life. But I suppose that's his bidness to deal with. We'll still hang, though. He's ai'ight with me. Pathetically in love with Doji, and it's so obvious you could see that shit from Rukbat. Know that feels, man, and hope it lasts longer than my last love did.
r-ku_default.jpg R'ku R'ku, Sirocco Wingleader. He's an intelligent man, think we could get to be friends eventually. He ain't no slouch when it come to leading.
ji-or_default.jpg Ji'or Ji'or, Arroyo wingrider. Man, he's pretty. But he got a brain behind all that. Gettin' to know him's the best idea I had yet. Glad to know him.
divale_default.jpg Divale Divale, Parhelion wingrider and Dragonhealer — She's dangerous, but I ain't too worried 'bout her. She got her reasons to be the way she is, and I think it'd be good to have her as an ally rather than an enemy.
a-yo_default.jpg A'yo A'yo, Sirocco wingrider. Real chill dude.
amania_default.jpg Amani She Impressed the gold down in Southern. Girl come a long way from somebody who was afraid of 'em. I'm proud of her.