Girl On Fire - Alicia Keys
I'll take this world by storm, like a wildfire set loose on the forest..

  • Aztrexia is Javid's Wife
  • She is a Spy Adept and Teacher
  • Aztrexia is a half breed - half Zingari, half not.
  • Those close to her call her "Trexa" for short.
  • Because of her mixed breeding, Aztrexia spent most of her young life ostracized from her own people.
  • She is learning to trust others
  • Aztrexia has never known love or affection, but understands it better now that Javid is in her life.
  • Aztrexia was caught in a coup trying to overthrow Willimina as leader of the caravan and aided in Willa's abduction. She was caught and her adept's knot was taken from her. She has since earned back said knot and her freedom.