Uncommon Knowledge

*"There's a conclusion to my illusion, I assure you this…" — Younger, Seinabo Sey*

*He's a decent singer and can play the guitar very well.

  • He likes to experiment with Healing techniques; is currently working on ways to flush a dragon's eyes clear of char, ash, and sand without damage to their sight. Has developed a way to port the necessary solution with riders, or allow for same to be stocked at every available station where a dragon might be during Threadfall.
  • Has been taking combat training whenever possible with the Zingari
  • Fears small, dark spaces
  • Has an extensive knowledge of surgical procedures and organ removal; has assisted in several life-saving procedures to remove masses and tumors.
  • Has ambitions of becoming Wingsecond of Sirocco, with an eye in the distant future to leading a wing himself.
  • Has extensive knowledge of how to surgically sterilize a man.