==== July 18, 2014
==== Description of content necessitating warnings.

OOC Date July 18, 2014
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The Announcement

Please note that while the HT wiki has a low censorship policy, any logs or other content that deal with sensitive topics need to be appropriately disclaimed in an area visible prior to click-through. In logs, this warning should be in the disclaimer field.

Types of content that should be tagged include but are not limited to:

  • heavy sexual innuendo
  • graphic sexual content
  • any sexualized content with little or no consent, up to and including rape
  • violence
  • domestic violence
  • any kind of drug abuse or recreational drug use

Use common sense here. If the MPAA would make a movie disclaim it at the beginning of an R movie, it probably needs to be disclaimed on the logs.

We are all of us different, with hosts of different experiences; please be sensitive to the sensitivities of your fellow players.