So here's the deal: when we first started the round of reboots and voted on the different areas and started setting them up, we unfortunately used the term "chaos" for a very nebulous concept that no one could really define. Was it ICA=ICC (HT Standard)? Or something different? Was it meant to allow anyone to do anything at any time? A sort of setting that let everyone be powerplay-okay without consent? Unfortunately, it's a concept that's hard to conceptualize and even harder to 'enforce' and no matter what, HT has always been a consent based game when it comes to powerplay of your character as well as when it comes to the types of scenes that you, the player, want your character to be in.

Why all the lead up? Game Staff has worked together to put an end to this term 'chaos' and put a standard, ICA = ICCs across the board. Whether you're at Southern or Igen, your In-Character Actions will determine your In Character Consequences, whether that means punishment ICly, disaster ICly or praise and promotions ICly. What you do, who you interact with, and how you play the game will determine how others perceive and react around you. This is where our game guidelines come into play: Resepect your fellow gamers. If someone is acting uncomfortable, don't hesitate to check. Likewise, if a scene is heading in a direction that you, the player, are not comfortable with it, then extricate yourself from it and/or have a brief chat with your scening partners. If most of the players in a scene want the direction to go one way, then they need to allow for graceful exits of people who do not want to participate.

The cardinal rule here is: Players need to understand that they should not start something that they may not be able to handle the consequences of.

Refresh yourself with our Code of Conduct here: http://harpers-tale.wikidot.com/conduct

In addition to re-defining what 'chaos' meant, both Area Staffs came together to propose the nuances between the Areas. Especially important for Igen Weyr as 'chaos' had become an unsustainable term that gave very little context as to the flavor of both weyrs.

Area Themes: Southern & Igen Defined

What everyone came up with is this:

  • Southern would be the canonically traditional weyr (not traditional in the sense of traditional versus liberal, but in the sense that the boundaries of canon are not ICly/OOCly pushed) with a flavor to the Mystery genre.
  • Igen is the "Untraditional" weyr, in the sense that Igen is where you go when you want to push canonical boundaries: drugs, organized crime, hard-core gambling, different way of doing trading & crime, etc. Obviously, within the limits of HT's hard canonical boundaries: No females on bronze, No female Weyrleaders, etc. Anything that varies hugely outside of what is considered canon would need to be approved by Game Staff. Igen's flavor would tend towards the Noir, like film Noir: old style 20s crime and other 'dark' topics.

Additional Note:

It is extremely important to note that BOTH weyrs have light and dark RP aspects to them, as well as both weyrs have liberal and conservative IC practices to them. There is no one strict IC-Conservative weyr or one strict IC-Liberalism weyr. The "Traditional & Untraditional" comments made about both weyrs is all in terms of Canon Flexibility, NOT in terms of what the IC leadership structure is like since that is something that may shift and change over time.

Sourced from: http://harpers-tale.wikidot.com/ann-archive#toc5