To keep track of things for the proposed badge system, here's a page of submissions.


Igen Weyr Southern Weyr Monaco Bay
badge-igen1.png badge-southern1.png badge-monaco-bay.png
(by Fyren) (by Fyren) (by Fyren)
Harper Craft Healer Craft Farm Craft
badge-area-harper.png healercraft.png badge-area-farm.png
(by Fyren) (by Bailey) (by Fyren)
Herder Craft Dolphin Craft Smith Craft
badge-area-herder.png badge-area-dolph.png badge-area-smith.png
(by Fyren) (by Fyren) (by Fyren)
Sea Craft Baker Craft Vinter Craft
badge-area.png badge-area.png badge-area-vintner.png
(by …) (by …) (by Fyren)
Chadey Caravan Wherz Caravan Zingari Caravan
badge-area-trader.png badge-area-trader.png badge-area-trader.png
(by …) (by …) (by …)
Tlatoani Caravan Dustbowl Caravan NPC
badge-area-trader.png badge-area-trader.png badge-npc.png
(by …) (by …) (by Fyren)
Southern Guards
(by Fri)


Arroyo Cat Mint Dainty Darlings
badge-wing.png badge-wing.png badge-wing-darlings.png
(by …) (by …) (by P'kar)
Lynx Mirage Mosaic
badge-wing.png badge-wing.png badge-wing.png
(by …) (by …) (by …)
Ocelot Puma Retired
badge-wing.png puma.png badge-retired.png
(by …) (by T'ral) (by P'kar)
Serval Tumbleweed Whirlwind
ejx2tj.jpg badge-wing.png badge-wing.png
(by T'ral) (by …) (by …)