Current PC Blooded Characters

K'ane Oldtime Paradise Hold SW Wingrider Bastard son of Paradise cotholder
D'har Nowtime Southern Boll IGW Wingrider Nephew of Lord Boll
L'xan Nowtime Igen Hold IGW Wingrider Bastard grand-nephew of Lord Igen
Lethea Nowtime Bitra Hold SW Journeyman Harper First cousin of Lord Bitra
Rigalico Nowtime Rutha Hold IGW Bazaar Merchant Bastard brother to current Lady Tauna
Atticus Nowtime Bitra Hold IGW Bazaar Merchant Nephew to Brita, Cousin Lemos
Taft Nowtime Hilltop Hold Holder Hilltop Holder
Pash Nowtime Island River Hold Holder Second son, Lord Holder of Island River Hold
T'quil Nowtime South Telgar Hold SW Greenrider Fourth son, Holder of South Telgar Hold.

Current Named NPC Holders1

Please see HT's NPC Area Page for greater detail!

Keroon Hold
Tirvin Nowtime Keroon Hold Lord Holder Fond of the ladies, in his mid-fifties as of Turn Zero
Trenin Nowtime Keroon Hold Holder Tirvin's second son
Qielle Nowtime Keroon Hold Herder Sr Jman Bastard daughter of Trenin (NPC)
Csina Nowtime Waterhole Hold Fourth daughter of the Holder.
Ista Hold
Erevain Nowtime Ista Hold Lord Holder Treyvr +30
Trikari Nowtime Ista Hold (Ex) Lady of Ista Erevain's first wife, deceased
Teremai Nowtime Ista Hold Hold Heir Treyvr +2
Treyvr Nowtime Ista Hold Holder in Exile Second son of Lord Ista
Airiaine Nowtime Ista Hold Lady Consort Erevain's second wife; Treyvr -2
Eiran Nowtime Ista Hold Holder Son of Erevain/Airaine (child, Treyvr -24)
Liana Nowtime Seacliffs Hold Niece of Seacliffs Holder; distant cousin of Lord Ista.
Igen Hold
Kievol Nowtime Igen Hold Lord Holder Igen
M'tias Nowtime Igen Hold IGW Wingrider Lord Igen's Nephew
Telgar Hold
Kieran Nowtime Telgar Hold Hold Heir Lord Telgar's eldest son; Rebekah +5
Pol Nowtime Telgar Hold Second Son Lord Telgar's second son; Rebekah +3
Sophy Nowtime Telgar Hold Wife Keiran's wife; Rebekah +2
Rebekah Nowtime Telgar Hold Youngest (Only) Daughter of Lord Telgar
Esquil Nowtime South Telgar Hold Holder Family is also distantly related to the Telgar bloodline.
Jacintra Nowtime South Telgar Hold Holder's Wife
Crom Colonies
Mienta Oldtime Crom Hold SW Journeyman Dolphineer Third child of Lord & Lady Crom
Southern Boll
Sadaiya Oldtime Southern Boll Retired WW IGW Youngest daughter of the Lord and Lady
Kanrael Nowtime Southern Boll Brat Youngest (of 4) son of Lord of Southern Boll
Benden Hold
Sandrian Oldtime Benden Hold Weyrbrat Grandchild of Lord Benden
Lemos Hold
Ennis Nowtime Lemos Hold IGW Wingrider Older sister of Lord Lemos
Plateau Hold
Volion Nowtime Plateau Hold IGW Sr. Journeyman Smith Second son of the Holders