The Bucket List challenge:

1. Find an RP buddy!

2. List out all of your respective alts. No cheating — list ALL of them!

3. Head on over to and put in both lists (one name per line)

4. Create your lists!

5. (OPTIONAL): Use the Google Doc and this page to track your progress!


Bucket List Challenge Modes

EZ Mode: All scenes count — including past scenes.
Normal mode: Only future scenes count.
Hard mode: Only future 1:1 scenes count.

Tag all of your scenes with "bucketlistchallenge" and your team name tag!

Current players:


dojilee x dragonwings tag: dojixrykerhardmode

Current scene count: 5 of 110.

kelthero x dragonwings tag: darknlighthardmode

Current scene count: 6 of 36.

neverwhere x dragonwings tag: dragondreamshardmode

Current scene count: 0 of 81.

paper x have tag: havepapernormalmode

Current scene count: 1 of 6.

kelthero x aati tag: nightfallhardmode

Current scene count: 2 of 40.

kali x dojilee tag: killingtimeEZmode

Current scene count: 11 of 50.

dojilee x kelthero tag: sugar+spicehardmode

Current scene count: 9 of 36.