Igen's Dragons by Color

Diem Sage Before Beauty Gold Zsaviranth
Ione Sealed In Storm Glass Gold Niatskivhiath
Nasrin In the Act of Creative Destruction Gold Rajakhelath

Ca'elian Hero and Scoundrel Bronze Tuanhjaliteth
F'mond Bronze Travith
G'tan Traveller from an Antique Land Bronze Zinakoth
H'rik Chivalry Rides Again Bronze Wendryth
Ja'un Wandering Pilgrim Bronze Loranduth
Ka'ge Wraith of Eternal Battle Bronze Vazilskyeth
Ko'an Fathomless Antediluvian Creature of the Deep Bronze Zodaiyath
R'keon Ruin of the Red Planet Bronze Qalamath
R'ku Molten Spirit of Intellect Bronze Kabelkath
R'xim Skol and Crossbones Bronze Shalnth
S'rael Stallion of the Telgar Steppe Bronze Wovocyth
Zh'ain Deceiver of the Gods Bronze Josvikuth

Divale Drinking a Pina Colada at Trader Vic’s Brown Lukoith
D'kan Empires And Excess Brown Kazavoth
Doji Dappled Behemoth of the Dawn Brown Raktraeth
Kanga Thief in the Arabian Night Brown Ruenalth
K'vre The Blackwater Bastard Brown Rhovvth
M'tej Bros Before Hoes Brown Temyrth
Naomi Cosmic Fusion Dwarf Brown Aionedyth
R'mar Brown Jerelloth
Syvia I Gotta Hunch Brown Dakhanavarath
Tasna Call The Cavalry (Not The Squints) Brown Tseylath
Th'bek Glory of the Ancient Hunt Brown Tavuqth
Zeyta Monster's Gilded Cage Brown Kczyslawborth
Zetali Huggable, Loveable Brown Odskovith

Ainslee Herald of the Neverending Tale Blue Keryth
H'ai Manifestations of Water Blue Rhavinaeth
I'dre Soldier of Affinity Blue Mhiruth
Lyda Hunt Among the Stars Blue Jagastjarnath
Sesa Dreams No Mortal Ever Dared Dream Blue Edleveth
Trek Sky's Naked Wonder Blue Kanyith
Vosji Admiral in Exile Blue Iskanzivoth

Ada Wail of Warning O'er the Moor Green Fionabhairth
Agertha Bands of Jade Green Kestrath
Eala Fossilized Ancient Marauder Green Oriahysciath
E'gus Sorceress of Storm Tossed Seas Szokanith
Erei Bloodlust’s Ancient Seduction Green Khetanaxeroth
I'yn Shadow of the Empire Green Vazirynath
Khali Sprightly Sylvan Spirit Green Reiyaseith
K'mine Morning Star of the Evening Tides Green Vedziyath
Kyara When in Rome Green Liareth
Miel Survival Just Isn't That Pretty Green Ivaenth
Riza Evening Star of the Restless Woods Green Navikoth
Sienna Sagebrush for your Booboos (Cleanicus Hurtibus) Green Kehemath
Tahi The King's Highway Green Golgrainth
Taya Crushing the Competition Green Otyliath
Xanthee Love Like You Do Green Liowyth
Yukie Celestial Conqueror Of Chaos Green Inayalinaeth

Bailey Summer’s End for Winter is Coming Gold Khalyssrielth
Hannah Lady of the Desert Sands Gold Dhiammarath
Amani Bound to Midnight Flames Gold Zymuraith
Ryott Trickster Masks the Truth Gold Wrayth
Ulrika Oath of Devotion Gold Theidith

A'kehm Until the Sun Falls Bronze Ahiardhath
Mi'lo Yankee Doodle or Die Bronze Akeniath
K'lir The Blade-Burnt Bronze Bryntaeroth
Sa'mael Wrath's Bane of Cold Iron Bronze Czhaevth
T'zaim Scapegrace and Swagger Bronze Denivoth
K'ane Avenging Chariot of Darkness Bronze Dhioth
R'ik Summer's Wild Hunt Bronze Hrykeluth
Th'seus Bronze Vossuth
D'cen Knight's Endless Watch Bronze Raxsonath
El'ai Flame-Foot Farthest Walker Bronze Sekhaenkath
N'tael May The Desert Bleach Your Bones Team Bronze Tlazotezath
L'cian Hulking Captain of the Badminton Team Bronze Xygemth
Va'os Sun Dappled Lord of the Forest Bronze Tsiroth
D'wane Just an Ordinary Demi-Guy Bronze Rocketh
Rh'ysar Ain't No Thing Like Me, 'Cept Me Bronze Rekitryth
N'ox Giant Jaws of the Silver Seas Bronze Tozkoth
J'ay Son of the Shirewode Bronze Iandreth
Arianne Brown Caelth
Yules Atop the Backs of Beasts Brown Desmeth
Rielle Hunter's Herald of the Oak Brown Obhaeroth
M'noq Cartographer's Ancient Sextant Brown Ravaith
Jesha Simple Sweetness Brown Sevareth
Vi'ano Waterlogged Wraith Brown Swyrrth
Lisette Lost Rebel of Route 66 Brown Syzaith
Z'ok Death Before Dishonor Brown Varaeth
Nik'las Strong in Cunning Brown Vulheimurath
St'fan Hauled From the Depths Brown Bavyth
Moira They Just Can't Get the Nose Right Brown Itzyevnth
A'ndi Spare Parts Make the Best Hearts Brown Taliveth
Ginger Striking a Balance Brown Shokravanth
Katrya The Truth in the Myth Brown Vinodestroth
Talya Catch the Morning Star Brown Turahaimajusuth
Evka Gift of the Fertility Gods Brown Saetyroith
Nika Moonshine and Muddy Waters Blue Atmanth
Loe Sleek as a Demon Blue Valmoth
L’denn Pele’s Favoured Ka Le’ale’a Blue Vindryth
Xia Illusion of Time and Space Blue Zafroxth
D'ex Weaponized Gemstone of the Universe Blue Zynth
Ana Love is the Original Miracle Blue Lochanth
Th'res Some Assembly Required Blue Jedameth
Calliope Transcending the Cataclysm Blue Zrucanith
Kyriatis Out of the Darkened Depths Blue Omairhuith
Syri Cold Paws, Warm Heart Blue Gamanturath
Tilla Marylou Freebush Green Amuirnith
Nerai The Friendliest Green You Know Auralyth
Orbit It is Alive! Green Ivrylth
Halia Whither Way Walks What Wicked Green Kabrianth
Diya Glass Frog Balancing On Solitary Sunny Leaf Green Kiyzenyath
Ianthe Wraith of the Frozen Wastes Green Nyskieth
Myziri Twilight of Samhain Green Sahizath
J'ran Eternal Flame of the Sky Green Yerenath
Sh'ro Green Zaryth
Dora Navigating by the Southern Cross Green Ianayuth
Vani Intergalactic Stardust Green Cealisth
Fiyah Blame It On The Stars Green Rhisaelth
Kelati Laughter Takes Flight Green Kelati
Or'lios Tourmaline Staff of the Wizard Green Ayvriath