Clan Akzhan
Location Igen Weyr
Colors Red and gold
Businesses The Racetrack; the Merry Marksman
Era of Origin Nowtime
Character Contact Iandicael


Who knows when the Akzhan clan came from the steppes and settled their long-legged runners at Igen; they are one of the oldest Bazaar families, with roots as deep as the hardiest of desert plants. They grew strong as the Weyr was mired in an Interval's irrelevancy, establishing the racetrack that now thrives out towards the Western Road and beginning to breed the beautiful, hardy runners that excel at long distance racing. For hundreds of turns the family amassed wealth and influence, the racecourse passed down from eldest son to eldest son. Marriage ties bound them to the other great Bazaar families, and the Akzhan have long considered themselves as good as Blooded, as well-bred as any Lord Holder.

In recent turns sons of the minor branch of the clan have made the most of the upheaval caused by the impending Pass to establish their own business in the Bazaar proper: a currency conversion shop, exchanging bartering objects and promises into Akzhan tokens ('runnerbits') ready for gambling or shopping. The tokens function effectively as a Bazaar currency, backed by Akzhan reserves. This has made the New Akzhan extremely wealthy, straining relationships with the Old Akzhan back at the racetrack.

The Akzhan

The Akzhan line maintains ownership of the Racetrack and associated stables. The Racetrack has been a fixture of Igen Weyr for several centuries, though it's situated a little walk from the Weyr proper towards the steppe. The great sweep of the oval course is overseen at one end by a wooden structure of tiered seating. Races take place on a regular basis and the annual championship draws crowds from as far away as Keroon Sea Hold. The desert track is famous for providing a demanding and treacherous race, and seeing runners and riders risk their necks is all part of the appeal. This doesn't stop people bringing their children along, and race days are a curious split between a family day out for some and a chance for others to seriously misbehave. Gambling, drinking and whoring are all encouraged in the few adobe buildings that cluster at one end of the track — and the guards are far enough away that it's usually privately hired Akzhan muscle that keeps the peace.

Behind the Racetrack are the training grounds, used to prepare both jockeys and the runners bred by the family. Akzhan stock is famous for its speed and stamina and has much in common with modern-day Arabian horses.

The Akzhan line is lead by the patriarch Yanskar, helped by his wife Sherensa and their six sons. It's still a very profitable business, but the money's been going downhill since the Pass began and people are more hesitant to leave the Weyr proper.

Cut out from the profitable runner business, ambitious sons of minor Akzhan lines set up a currency conversion shop in the heart of the Bazaar towards the end of the most recent Interval. The Merry Marksman exists to ameliorate the problems with a bartering culture, whether that is by providing tokens for easy gambling or allowing trade to flow between those who don't want to barter with specific objects. Akzhan tokens, known as runnerbits for the family's emblem, are effectively a form of IOU that may be bought with barter goods or advanced on the basis of the stock value of a customer; they are then guaranteed by the Akzhan. Theoretically they can then be exchanged at the Merry Marksman for goods of equal value, but in effect runnerbits now operate as a shadow currency in the bazaar and hold value in their own right. The Merry Marksman is thus an early form of bank — not unlike medieval goldsmith banks.

Where most Akzhan businesses are renowned as being (at least mostly) above-board, these new Akzhan endeavors have a reputation for being ominously good at tracking down debts. You don't borrow from the New Akzhan unless you are very, very sure you can repay them — or you don't value your kneecaps.

Following the dissolution of the 'New' Akzhan, the Merry Marksman was reabsorbed by Yanksar and is currently run by his son, Yeshan.

History: The New Akzhan

2017 Updates

Yanskar's youngest child, Nineveh has been more present on the scene. Rumor has it the girl has a gift with runners while tensions slowly mount between the _Old_ and the _New_ Akzhan.

After all the hubub and strife, what happened with the Akzhans? Despite the influx of additional merc muscle, Yanksar managed to quietly dispose of the idea of "New Akzhan" and merged everyone into one family once more. Where did those who followed Malach and Maryam disappear to? It's been said that Malach fled with his family to the outer reaches of Keroon. Close enough to possibly rally one day, but far enough away that Yanksar was content. For all the lead up, the ending ended up being rather anti-climatic.

What of those that aided the "New" Akzhan? Rumors churn, but nothing spills out of note. For now, the surface tension seems to have calmed. As for what the future holds? That's yet to be written for the members of other families that might have joined the fray.

It remains to be seen if the "New Akzhan" arise once more or if they return with a new name. For now, the Akzhan have settled — though is the bazaar ever truly settled?

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Name Position Age Common Knowledge
Alech Cousin to Yansa Mid teens Cousin to Yansa and forgettable relation to Yanskar, Alech is between careers - Malach's moving out of the family has left Alech adrift and confused, both where he stands with the family and where he stands in the Bazaar and Weyr.
Iandicael Cousin Early 20's Cousin to Yanksar's children, Iandicael's parents followed Malach and the New Akzhan when the family split and were rewarded with the kind of wealth the Old Akzhan could only dream about. Dissatisfied with both sides of the family, Iandicael broke from them in his mid-teens and vanished to Kurkar. He has only recently returned.
Nineveh Sister to Yansa, Daughter of Yanksar Upper teen Yanskar's youngest daughter, sister to Yansa (the forsaken one). Nineveh is a shrewd girl, however, and has already shown skill in raising and racing runners - notably not because she's interested in it, but because it's made her invaluable to her father. She's grown to despise the so-called 'new' Akzhan, and it's rumored that Malach has started to grow out of fashion with the true-blood Akzhan.
Other Notable NPCs
  • Yanskar and Yerensha have three more sons between Yansk and Yansa, a few of whom now work for the more lucrative New Akzhan business
  • New Akzhan henchmen
Runnerbits ('bits' or 'runners')

Akzhan Culture

Common Knowledge

  • There's been a problem with the smiths contracted to mint Azkhan currency: they all seem to end up falling down the stairs or accidentally impaling themselves on their own knives in dark alleys. The identity of the current mint is a closely-guarded secret.
  • The tension between the Old and the New Azkhan has been evident for some time. A little over a turn ago Yanskar married his only daughter, Yansa, to the New Azkhan leader. Malach is an rough man and the match was political, exchanging a large amount of money for a good bloodline. Recently the marriage ended in a divorce due to childlessness. Malach then married the very recently widowed Maryam Steen, taking her daughter Marisel into his home with her mother.
  • The Old Akzhan wear their rank lightly, but the New Akzhan have a chip on their shoulder: ten turns ago they were only common merchants, and new money needs throwing around to make itself known.

Insider Knowledge

  • A handful of the New Akzhan know that the smith who mints the New Akzhan currency is F'in, second son of the Reika caravan. The information is shared only on a need-to-know basis: the last thing they need is for Finn to have a tragic accident like his predecessors. How this will be changed now that Finn is F'in remains to be seen.


Criminality, running a by-the-book business, politicking… there's space for it all with the Akzhan. Get in touch with Alech via @mail to discuss ideas.


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