Generations ago, the Steen family was actually the Steen Caravan. They were like any other Igen traders, a tight-knit conglomeration of family that roamed the landscape peddling their wares and otherwise making a living however they could. Perhaps they had a reputation for being all too willing to leap into a brawl (and often came out on top) but for the most part, they were unexceptional.

What did finally make them exceptional was the foresight of their then-leader, known in family annals only as Father Steen. When the seasonal cluster of traders' tents at Igen Weyr became a Turn-round thing, the patriarch opted to stake his clan to land rather than the road and met with the then-Weyrleaders in private conference. What came of that meeting was residency for his entire family and a large patch of soil in the Bazaar's heart. For sevendays, he put his sons to digging out a huge pit in the ground and building whitewashed adobe walls around the hole. When they were finished, Igen's first official and professional gladiatorial arena was christened as…The Pit. Of course it was.

The family remade itself as business owners instead of trail peddlers. Where before they'd sold goods, now they sold the sweat of brow and back. Those who sought training as professional combatants were offered contracts of service for periods ranging from one to five Turns. Some of these went on to become minor celebrities around the Weyr, winning fame as victors or scooping up employment with the guards as a result of their tutelage under the Steen men. Matches were held that earned the family a great deal of money and though it was rumored that some of the rivalries that led to grudge matches under the Pit's white roof were orchestrated by the family, people still flocked to the galleries to cheer on their favorites.

All the while, they were cementing their reputation as foundation members of Igen's burgeoning Bazaar community. They gave generously to those in need, led regular initiatives to improve the Bazaar, tithed regularly to the Weyr for the honor of taking up their little hole in the ground, and generally became well respected by their peers.

It is a legacy that continues to this day. While it might be true that they have their hands in some illegal dealings in and outside of the Weyr, no can argue that the Steens haven't become a fixture at Igen, as much a part of the landscape as the Star Stones. Theirs is a name that carries weight.

Common Knowledge

  • They're as much a fixture within the Bazaar as the Bazaar itself. The Steen name carries a great deal of weight with it.
  • They established the Pit generations ago, and have recently(in comparison) acquired the Tea Shop and the Menagerie. Are more real estate gains on the horizon?
  • Deeply conservative, but chance happenings allow for female prominence—Mama Steen's infamy came about because she was the eldest female heir, with no male heirs to be seen.
  • Tied to the New Akzhan by way of Malach's marriage to Maryam Steen.
  • They have a wide variety of mercantile interests.

Steen Culture and Politics


There are adoptable characters with pre-existing hooks/family as well as room for non-established Steens. Refer to the family tree or @mail Vitus or Midra for more information! If you're a pit fighter, get in touch with the aforementioned so as to get more hooks!

Current Hooks

  • Vitus Steen has put out word to hire workers to build roads within and without the Bazaar. Raised slightly up off the ground, supported by mud and gravel, and topped with pavers, these roads are intended to last the trial of time - and Igen's frequent sandstorms. Purportedly a work of charity for the Bazaar's benefit, the project is being pushed by Steen with Tlatoani support. The hiring is indiscriminate - any with two working hands will quickly find marks in them should they wish to put a little of their time towards the endeavor.
  • Word got around that, with the double clutch, it wouldn't quite be the end of the world if Steens accepted Search. Little was it expected that Vitus' eldest son Herik would take him up on that leniency and accept Search.

The Pit

As the first significant Steen endeavor, the Pit stands as a testament to the family's strength and capability. Rarely is there a night without fights, and particularly brutal events are held for special occasions. The coliseum is whitewashed and white sand is brought in specially for the matches, as bloodied sand is cleared away before each match. Servers are always ready at a word to bring wine, sweetrolls, meats, fruit, and whatever else a guest may wish for. Guards are posted frequently through the stands in order to prevent bloodshed, while Vitus, the Steen patriarch, is often seen prowling the stands to see to his guests' comforts. Young non-Steen women are a frequent sight, keeping company with favored guests.

The most common events on a day to day basis is unarmed and bladed combat, in either single or double matchups. They are usually randomly chosen. Occasionally, competitors may fight with a weapon of their own choosing—so long as there's one lying around the Pit, anyhow. Only the most accomplished fighters purchase their own weapons. Most of the time, the competitors fight with the Pit's communal weapons, as personal weapons are much too expensive.

Occasionally, amateur nights are held, where volunteers may fight a professional fighter — or each other. On special occasions, more intensive events are held — and occasionally result in deaths.


Full Family Tree.

Name Position
Vitus Steen family patriarch. Proprietor of the Pit.
Nasrin Junior WW @ Igen and rider of gold Rajakhelath.
R'em Arroyo Wingrider and rider of green Sajkiath
Caireann Grand-Daughter to Mama Steen's younger sister, Liia. Member of the Steen family.
Midra Daria's daughter. Works in the Tea Room.
Ramita Drekkan's daughter. Journeyman Vinter. Runs a distillery for the Pit.
H'rik Vitus' eldest son. Had varying responsibilities within the Pit. Now Rider of bronze Wendryth. Igen's WL.

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