The Tajir Caravan
Location Igen Weyr
Colors Black and Copper
Specialties Various crafting items to be traded/sold along with regular glows and the occasional true blue glow before the stand-off.
Character Contact Kepi


The Tajir are an old family, but until the Underground was made public, no one really knew who they were trading with. They were one of the few caravans that brought in supplies to the Underground, and in turn, took out things the crafters there made to sell in the bazaar along with the regular glows found in the Underground. With the Blue glows discovered, they seem to be one of the few reputable sellers of the blue glows, when they are accessible before the stand-off.

Common Knowledge


Name Position Status
Kessik Caravan Leader NPC
Pidaeh Kessik's Wife NPC
Kepi Daughter PC


There's family (uncles/aunts/cousins) that could be apped in. Contact Kepi on game to discuss!