Welcome to the colorful world of the Zingari!

Theme Song

Leaders: Willimina and Tallel

Location: Igen Weyr

PC Characters: 15

Status: Active

Colors: Green and Silver


Monthly Flavor

January 2018

  • A series of small thefts runs through the caravan, a missing bracelet here, a flagon of wine there, some precious trinket lost to the winds…it is always just one item, and they go missing at the oddest times. Couldn't you just swear you'd seen that green silk scarf just candlemarks ago?!? Where could it have gone?
  • The Zingari camp is abuzz with color as always, but hey, what are they wearing these days? Zingari men and woman can be seen moving about in ever morphing costumes, a dragon here, a tunnel-snake there, are those two men sharing a herdbeast costume? What exactly is happening in the Zingari World these days? And What are the costumes for?

Long Running Flavor

Zingari Red

ZingariRed.jpg The Zingari have successfully created a redfruit flavored whiskey. It's smooth as silk and as red as the fruit infused into the liquor. It's being sold in bars, taverns, inns and of course, from the Zingari Caravans. Tastings are set up regularly to ensure product consistency.