2018 Logs: 12 Scenes

09 Feb 2018 05:00: Chance Event ∴ Comments 0

Divale's world is about to be flipped upside down when a living 'ghost' of her past appears in the Bazaar…


11 Feb 2018 05:00: Ruse ∴ Comments 0

Another chance meeting and pretending they don't truly know each other beyond casual acquaintance…

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25 Feb 2018 05:00: Crates Unknown ∴ Comments 2

Cascabel is walking her canine pup, Iandicael is upset over some unknown crates and Divale… is Divale.


19 Mar 2018 04:00: To One Away ∴ Comments 1

Reflection and honesty.


21 Mar 2018 04:00: Run-ins at the Races ∴ Comments 0

Ryott bumps into some people.

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08 Apr 2018 04:00: Unspoken ∴ Comments 0

This might be the origins of a sinister plan. Or it's an innocent talk in a courtyard.

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22 Jun 2018 04:00: A Little Act of Charity ∴ Comments 0

Cascabel, Ryott (incognito)

Cascabel is cooking up something that smells delicious which seems to attract a starving street urchin.

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28 Jun 2018 04:00: Artemisia ∴ Comments 2

A few pieces coming together — it's about time, really.


29 Jun 2018 04:00: Of Babes and Men ∴ Comments 0

New mother Echo meets, slightly green around the edges, expectant mother Cascabel, and the two exchange pleasantries at the Laundry.

cascabel_default.jpg Echo4.jpg

12 Jul 2018 04:00: Regrowth ∴ Comments 2

Divale makes a quick visit to newly widowed and new mother Cascabel… and they briefly discuss other matters while simultaneously ignoring more pressing ones.


06 Aug 2018 04:00: Clavis ∴ Comments 1

Those moments between past and yet to come.


14 Nov 2018 05:00: Interim ∴ Comments 0

Divale and Cascabel, coincidentally working in the same room, taking a moment.

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2018 Mentions: 7 Scenes

02 May 2018 04:00: Cleanse (Vig) ∴ Comments 5

Jolted from the escape of sleep, Divale is left to mull over conflicting thoughts… and to resist certain temptations.


18 May 2018 04:00: Ryott the Spy - Pt 1 {Vig} ∴ Comments 1

Ryott begins her covert surveillance for Divale.


21 May 2018 04:00: Ryott the Spy - Pt 2 {Vig} ∴ Comments 0

Ryott continues her surveillance of the Spice Merchant.
Continuing from Ryott the Spy - Pt 1 {Vig}


30 Jun 2018 04:00: Final Report ∴ Comments 0

Ryott reports into Divale again on her ongoing surveillance, and finds out this will be the last time.

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12 Jul 2018 04:00: Gut Feelings (vig) ∴ Comments 6

Ryott is conflicted and tries to find a quiet spot to do some thinking.


29 Jul 2018 04:00: Glimpses (Vig) ∴ Comments 4

Little (and not so little) compilations of vignettes of all my alts, Igen and Southern… It would have been too spammy to post separately, so… enjoy them ALL together!


29 Nov 2018 05:00: Under the Moonlight (Vig) ∴ Comments 4

Divale adds more regret to her already troubled mind after bringing Cascabel with her in her annual return to Lemos' remote forests…

OOC: Thank you once again to Cascabel-player for allowing me to use her characters in one of my vignettes! <3