By request, a place for the silly QOOC. Unlike formal logs pages, these will just be single editable-by-everyone pages so that many short quotes aren't separated out.

Some guidelines for this:

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  2. These are HT quotes, so they're not expected to be worksafe.
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[LiaFlight] Mayte: I put him in for not catching - it'd be like dragon pity sex.

(to K'vvan re: Arroyo Scarves) [Arroyo] Ada: I'm gonna tie you up anyway

[OOC:] Yules says "omg, Yules is being CREEPY"
[OOC:] Nathanael says "…. Did Yules just invite Nate to sleep on her couch?"
[OOC:] Yules looks entirely shamefaced. She did.

[Desert Discourse] Peaston brushes the dust off his clothes with a disgrunted huff.
[Desert Discourse] Sara: To kick people off them. TEYA….
[Desert Discourse] Peaston: Can you push people off ledges?
[Desert Discourse] O'ell: Imagine the fun that could be had! We could have ledge-watching parties.
[Desert Discourse] N'zi grins and coughs.
[Desert Discourse] Peaston read that as "ledge-watching panties" and figured that was something W'rin would totally have.
[Desert Discourse] Finn: Don't you know what that fancy bunting is made out of?
[Desert Discourse] Sara: … Sienna's panties?
[Desert Discourse] O'ell assumes if he has ledge-watching panties, they would belong to Sienna. I'm just saying.
[Desert Discourse] Malakai has joined this channel.
[Desert Discourse] Finn: Welcome Malakai!
[Desert Discourse] Finn huuuuuugs.
[Desert Discourse] A'lory: Wait whut?
[Desert Discourse] Peaston gives Malakai a honorary pair of ledge-watching panties.
[Desert Discourse] Peaston: AN honorary pair. Grammer.
[Desert Discourse] Selaine welcomes!
[Desert Discourse] Malakai snickers.
[Desert Discourse] Sara: … and Welcome to igen. The Underweyr.

[Desert Discourse] A'lory: Haha well played!
[Desert Discourse] Lyllian kicks her Atlantis.
[Desert Discourse] Lyllian: Hey all!
[Desert Discourse] Delila: Oh so that's what happened to it.
[Desert Discourse] Mayte: humm, good question. can I put some thought to it?
[Desert Discourse] Mayte facepalms.
[Desert Discourse] A'lory: Yes you can Graniece.
[Desert Discourse] Mayte: yaaaaaaaaaaay!
[Desert Discourse] Mayte: can I leave trundle bugs in the weyrleader's bed?
[Desert Discourse] K'vvan: yes.
[Desert Discourse] Delila: Yes, but he catches you you gotta spend the night in his bed.
[Desert Discourse] Mayte: yaaaaaaaaaay
[Desert Discourse] K'vvan: And his underwear drawer.
[Desert Discourse] Mayte: no
[Desert Discourse] K'vvan: This is fun.
[Desert Discourse] Delila: Hide some tunnelsnakes in his boots.
[Desert Discourse] K'vvan: Because she's just a littttlleee to slow, so it sounds like yes to sleeping with him, and no to
underwear drawer.
[Desert Discourse] Mayte: ew ew ew. we don't need to go through the whole rigmarole of finding a new one already.
[Desert Discourse] A'lory peeers.
[Desert Discourse] Delila: So you are saying you are that good that sex with you would kill him? ;)
[Desert Discourse] A'lory: Do I need to Grunkle some mofos in this joint?
[Desert Discourse] Mayte: I bet he only wears banana hammocks.
[Desert Discourse] K'vvan: Mofos sound like cute little fuzzy balls of love.
[Desert Discourse] A'lory: I…. can't unsee the hammock.

[Mosaic] Oz'keyn: Also, you are welcome to catch on fire, but give me a head's up if you want to do that.
Five minutes later:
[OOC:] Oz'keyn says "I'm sorry I poo-shamed you, Lukoith. I'm a bad man."