A'lira and Kyprioth



~Name A'lira
~Location Igen Weyr
~Position Igen Wingrider, Dragonhealer Trainee
~Wing Sirocco
~Firelizards green Kore, green Rhea, green Cybele, and gold Eostre
**Birthplace Bitra Hold


Played By: Seal Samuel
Age: 23 Turns
Height: 6'4"
Build: Muscular
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Brown
Played By Seal Samuel
Pronunciation: “ay-LEHRA”


Who He Knows

There's always room for friends; it's why A'lira is so friendly. Here, you will find all the people he knows.


Outside the Temple
//Life Events//

A young behemoth he is, all regal presence and authoritative ownership of the space he inhabits; broad-shouldered, deep-chested, long-legged, he's come into the promise his once-gangly frame suggested. The vicissitudes of life have not passed him by completely, for there are deep, dark craters that follow the length of high, hard cheekbones and slash across the tip of a broad flat nose. By no means a looker, those hard, utterly masculine features cast in rich ebony and shadowed bistre are somehow softened by the gentleness in the dark pools of his eyes. His scalp has been cleared of its former glory; only the skin remains, smooth as silk.

A thin cotton shirt's been tailored to fit the broad planes and angles of his long torso and arms, limning him in the absence of any real color: gunmetal gray, the standard color of most of the man's wardrobe. His trousers, too, are very dark, dyed a deep charcoal and made of a sturdier cotton than his shirt, the cuffs flaring slightly to accommodate the usual riding boots of a dragonrider. It's the boots, however, that seem to have found their way into the lighter side of things: platinum gray to match the belt and light leather jacket that grace his person.



Escaping the Trio Brown Kyprioth

Hell hath no fury like its spawn, a low-slung creature primed with muscle and unforgiveness, especially, there— at the round extension of his shoulders, the terrier's thick neck, a sturdy croup. A daemon tail, long as a wyvern's, eases some length into his stocky body, but no such redemption can soften the collective leitmotif of bear trap jaws. Black coffee is the color of his hide, a slick thing with faint striations of brimstone to give the conditional illusion of fur that is not there. Bat-like wings, girded in strong connective tissue, are lanced with hellfire and so, too, are two expressive dots above each eye socket, thumbprints of Hades himself.

Kyprioth's Inspiration: http://harpers-tale.wikidot.com/dragon:kyprioth

A sweet, gentle guy in general, though there are hints of a less-than-genial aggression under certain circumstances: he does not suffer the abuse of women lightly. Highly intellectual and introverted, his demeanor is most often quite genial and friendly, if slightly reserved. He does not allow very many very close, so all one might see is an easygoing country boy, and is often very brotherly to women much younger than himself. Those who know him well, however, know him to be somewhat intense and mercurial; he can be sensitive and empathetic to a fault. Of late, there's been a grittier edge to him — he's less likely to be docile, though he doesn't invite conflict.

What You Need to Know

Early Life

*"With the moon I run far from the carnage of the fiery sun…" — Closer, Kings of Leon*

Life Underground

*"Cause I know I'm headed for the bottom, but I'm ridin' you all the way…" — Mailman, Soundgarden*

Impressing and Entering The Temple

*"Meet me outside above ground; I'll be with you someday.." — Above Ground, Norah Jones*

Common Knowledge

*"I am the white dove for a soldier, ever marching as to war…" — All That I Am, Rob Thomas*

Uncommon Knowledge

*"There's a conclusion to my illusion, I assure you this…" — Younger, Seinabo Sey*


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Thanks to Reve for guidance on making this work, and a lot of work I didn't know how to do.