Location Igen Weyr
Position Weyrbrat
Birthplace High Reaches Weyr
Played By


Gangly with grace, as childhood slowly transforms into a budding adulthood. Though maturity is still a ways away as legs and arms appear lanky and thin. Aikari's face still sports the chubby-cheeks of a babe, the slope of button-nose and rounded chin. Apple-kissed cheeks with slightly slanted green eyes, almost feline in nature. Dark hair spirals in curls still, glossy and well-kept, jovially framing a freckled play over the bridge of her nose.

A simple yellow sundress, adorned with many a ribbon and buttons, covers this child from neck to knobby knees. Sandals cover her feet, a matching yellow bow sitting atop each foot.


K'ane - Her daddykins. Wuvs him!
Lendai- Mother. Gave birth to her.
Teyaschianniarina- Surrogate mother and all-around babysitter. Adore her!
Grace- Her bestest best friend EVER.

Commonly Held Knowledge

* Aikari is the daughter of K'ane, bronzerider of Dhioth and Lendai, goldrider of Talicanitath.
* Aikari was born in High Reaches Weyr back in the Oldtime and brought forward secretly by her mother. Around her fourth or fifth turnday (who remembers these things?) she was finally outed as Lendai's daughter. Since then, she was sent to live at Igen Weyr with her father.
* Aikari is a spoiled, rotten little brat. She's used to getting what she wants, when she wants.
* She is a well-known manipulator.


Born in High Reaches Weyr, back in the Oldtime, Aikari is the daughter of Lendai, goldrider of Talicanitath, and K'ane, bronzerider of Dhioth. Lendai had kept her pregnancy and birth generally a secret from most of the Weyr back in High Reaches Weyr, worried the birth of a child would make her appear ineligible to take over Seniorship of High Reaches Weyr. Upon the coming of the Nowtimers and jumping forward to modern day Pern, Aikari was brought with, though generally left in the care of a reliable nanny who had pretty much raised the girl since birth. From Igen to Southern, where Aikari's mom rightfully won the Senior Weyrwoman position.

Poor K'ane was unaware that he had sired a child and was told, quite suddenly, when Aikari was around four or five. From then on, Aikari lived in Igen Weyr under the watchful eye of her father. She has generally bloomed since, with some actual parenting going on. Now at the ripe old age of 7, the child slowly becomes the pre-teen.

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