Akeylah the Pup


Basic Information

Name Akeylah
Location Southern Weyr
Position Journeyman Weaver
Firelizards None
Birthplace Southern Boll Hold
Played By Tiago Severo Modelo
Name Origin: Inspired by Akela, the elder wolf in the Jungle Book
Other Names: Akela, Akeyla, Akela, and Akey

Theme Song

The Jungle Book
Book One

Description Information

Clean and classic, chiseled and noble the features that define his face, from the perfect Roman nose that balances the height of cheekbones, and the hollow of his cheeks to the perfect angle of jaw and chin, all limned in perfect honey-gold skin that glows with good health and the utter absence of the usual teenage plague of acne. Beneath those perfectly angled eyebrows, golden hazel eyes are framed by the thick, curling sweep of dark eyelashes, where emotions shift swift as sunshine over untroubled, serene waters. Lissome, lithesome, annoyingly graceful, he of the so-perfect body: just the right amount of muscle to suggest a certain athletic ability and plenty of youthful arrogance to go with it; but lo, there may be just a tad too little to allow for the true, hulking masculinity he longs for.
Black — the one color guaranteed to make his pale-cream skin look even paler, yes? His shirt's long sleeved, thin, half-unbuttoned to expose an expanse of lightly freckled chest, its cut slim and fitted to his torso and arms just so. The ends are neatly tucked into black cotton trousers, also slim-cut and pickily tailored to suit a man whose entire world revolves around fashionable presentation: from knee to ankle, the legs flare just enough to leave room for those sharp-toed black boots with their perfect heels and decorative buckles.

Relationships and Acquaintances

Applicable Knowledge

Quirks: : Akeylah is an unabashed flirt; he is oddly helpless im situations requiring quick thinking.

Specialty : Crochet and knitting; able to create entire pieces of clothing out of various weights of yarn and thread.

Secondary Talents:: Has a very good tenor, and minor knowledge of herbalry picked up from Faranth knows where.

Dominant Hand: Akeylah is ambidextrous.

Musical Instruments: : None

Weapons : Beltknife, hunting knife