Location Southern Weyr
Position Senior Apprentice
Craft Herder
Birthplace Keroon Hold
Played By Isabelle Furhman


Pretty rather than beautiful, Alyei hasn't quite outgrown the lingering side-effects of youth, coupled with the usual awkwardness of adolescence. At 5'3" tall, with a splash of freckles across her cheeks and nose, with a build that's slender but not skinny, the fundamental aspects of an attractive young woman are all there, but she needs the rough edges smoothed out before she'd really be a head-turner. Her long, dark brown hair is often swept carelessly back into a wavy tail, quick bun, or loose braid, whatever it takes to keep it out of her face. Although her complexion is naturally pale, to match the green-brown hazel eyes, she clearly spends a good amount of time in the sun, evidenced by the freckles and a tendency to sport a sunburn; couple this with the fact that, though she's slim, she still boasts a trim musculature, and it's obvious she's more an active person than not. Her nails are uneven, her lips are a little chapped at the edges, but nothing too off-putting.

Usually, Alyei keeps her attire to something functional. Denim is common for pants, along with sturdy boots, and comfortably-fitting shirts with precious few embellishments. Obviously, she's not much of one for putting together outfits, but it all fits and it makes it easy to move around.




  • Hails from the Keroonian region, if anyone was ever interested in finding out.
  • One of several siblings to hardworking, conservative beastholders.
  • Apprenticed to the Herder Hall around the age of thirteen.
  • Accepted Search for Talicanitath's eggs, not knowing that she was being taken to Southern Weyr - "duped" into believing it was for the nearby Igen Weyr.
  • After failing to Impress, she stayed on at the Weyr (for reasons unknown), continuing her apprenticeship.
  • Has a reputation for being impertinent to the point of defiant as well as having a bad, bad temper.

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