Location Southern Weyr
Position Wingrider
Wing Ocelot
Dragon Green Haquith
Weyrmate D'har, rider of blue Searuth
Birthplace Telgar Hold
Played By Kristen Bell
Player Eli


This nordic looking woman is short at 5'1", but her body is well-proportioned, curving pleasantly in all the right places. Oval-shaped face is framed by a chin-length, messy bob of slightly wavy golden blond hair, with generous sun-bleached highlights crowning her head. Her ice-blue eyes are almond shaped, turned up at the outer corners, between which a petite sloping nose resides. Lips are a dusky rose, the top one thinner than the bottom, usually pulled into a mischievous smirk that reveals two shallow dimples, one on each side of her mouth. Her skin is pale alabaster with just a hint of rose tones on the rounded apples of her cheeks.

Common Knowledge

  • Although a Nowtimer who was Holdbred, she is decidedly liberal in political leanings and mighty vocal about it as well.
  • Known to be rather amorous in her Turns as a rider, very open about this fact and not ashamed in the slightest
  • A rather fierce pair of fighters in Threadfall, often daring and none too cautious, having lead to just a few reprimands from the Wingleader over the Turns, although those were mostly in their first Turns flying together.
  • Transferred to Southern Weyr after over 12 turns at Igen, sometimes she blames it on Haquith's sensitive skin, sometimes she says she just wanted a change of scenery. There may be more to that than she's letting on.


  • Wields sarcasm like a weapon, acerbic and smart-mouthed, Alyna has a flair for snark.
  • Cusses like a sailor at the most minor things
  • Insatiably curious about things, and has no qualms asking deeply personal questions to satisfy it.
  • Rarely gets upset about anything, can easily let most things slide.
  • Although, those rare times when her buttons do get pushed, watch out! Alyna doesn't pull punches and she fights dirty.
  • Not cut out for monogamy, although she can love quite deeply, most romantic partners want her to themselves and she will never concede that to anyone.
  • Confident in her abilities as a rider but understanding that complacence can lead to tragedy so constantly tries to better herself

Alyna's Playlist


Name Relationship Thoughts
D'har Weyrmate Helloooo bluerider! I said never again and this one just had to go make a liar out of me. At first it was his charm, dashing good looks, the wickedly good time we have together that kept me coming back to his bed. But after we admitted that we'd fallen in love with each other, it was clear that this could be something more if I let it. And the really surprising part was figuring out I wanted desperately to weyrmate him. Come to find out, he was just waiting for me to bring it up because he'd been thinking about it too! So we made it official.
Th'res Friend Another charming bluerider, why is Southern so blessed with them? This redhead had me befuddled at first, because, frankly, I've never really had someone return my advances with an offer of 'just friendship'. But I realize now that it's probably for the best, we have very different views on relationships. But I am really happy to be able to call him my friend…And not just because of the moonshine he makes in his weyr.
Talya Friend A young woman who I met the first time I met Th'res, didn't say much but handed me an almost full bottle of some really good wine before taking off. Despite the age difference, we're fast becoming besties. Great for a girl's night out and she can hold her liquor! Some of the things she was put through before coming to Southern Weyr make my blood boil.




Alyna has had 111 scenes since creation on November 5, 2017.


Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
A Glowing Conference 02 Jan 2018 06:00

Baezyl, Alyna, A'lira, Doji (emits by Doji and Divale)

Tired of some of the ever growing rumors, Weyrhealer Jhothulos calls a conference to attempt to clarify the blue glow issue some. And despite what Baezyl might say, the Weyrhealer is pretty sure it's not a plague.



Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com