Location Igen Weyr
Position Arroyo Wingrider
Dragon Green Haquith
Birthplace Telgar Weyr
Played By Kristen Bell
Player Eli


This nordic looking woman is short at 5'1", but her body is well-proportioned, curving pleasantly in all the right places. Oval-shaped face is framed by a chin-length, messy bob of slightly wavy golden blond hair, with generous sun-bleached highlights crowning her head. Her ice-blue eyes are almond shaped, turned up at the outer corners, between which a petite sloping nose resides. Lips are a dusky rose, the top one thinner than the bottom, usually pulled into a mischievous smirk that reveals two shallow dimples, one on each side of her mouth. Her skin is pale alabaster with just a hint of rose tones on the rounded apples of her cheeks.

Common Knowledge

  • Although a Nowtimer who was Holdbred, she is decidedly liberal in political leanings and mighty vocal about it as well.
  • Known to be rather amorous in her 12 Turns in the Weyr
  • A rather fierce fighter in Threadfall, often daring and none too cautious, having lead to reprimands from the Wingleader several times over the Turns


Many over the years, with both men and women, some from flights, some not. From one night stands to the longest lasting maybe last a Turn in all, and there are some people she has ongoing casual sexual relationships with.

If you want to be one of Alyna's past lovers, I'm open to it!


Truly, Truly Outrageous Gold Jem

The glamour and glitter of platinum and gold shimmies and shimmers along the hide of this audacious firelizard queen, gaudy metallic riffs play across starlight foundations — magic and mystery contained in the contrasts of her hide. Refracted light seems to mask her exact dimensions, the bedazzling shimmer of rock-star fantasy creating the illusion of perfect proportions. Her face is appealing with its markings of bubblegum punk, dark limned eyes, and the pop of nearly neon. Her wings are crafted of fame and fashion, a pair of stellar spotlights caged within in the holographic framework of fleeting immortality.


Alyna was born in Telgar Hold, growing up in the years before the 12th Pass begins. Her mother Alyssen an assistant cook in the Hold’s kitchens and her father was Pallinar a guard of the Hold. She grew up with the other younglings of the Hold, getting a Harper education until it came time for her to find her own path. She wasn’t a cook like her mother, she could burn a kettle of water. She couldn’t stand housework or taking care of her younger siblings, so when she was old enough to take up work at the age of 14, she started in the laundry at Telgar and did other menial tasks given to her.

It was assumed she would find something eventually to do with her life, some man could be found to give her a respectable household to manage but the idea of tying herself down to a man to secure a future was rather repugnant in her estimation, she didn’t need a man to make her, she could do that herself.. So she was still doing the same thing at 20, still very single even though her hand was sought for most of her late teens, her parents married for love and they wouldn’t deny the same for any of their offspring.

Then a searchrider came to Telgar Hold and her whole world changed. While hanging the morning’s wash out to dry in the courtyard, the green dragon had sniffed at her significantly and made it known to her rider that this one would do for gold Elicheritath and bronze Hzrath’s clutch of eggs hardening on the sands. There wasn’t a gold egg but since the ban on girls standing for fighting dragons was lifted days before the eggs were clutched, they were Searching for likely girls as well as boys. Having hardly ever been out of the North, Alyna jumped on the chance for a change of scenery, sure nothing would come out of it, whoever heard of a girl on anything other than a gold. Would she ever get a shock when the sassy green Haquith made a beeline for her on the Sands.

In her weyrling class, there was several offspring from the Oldtimers riders who came forward from the 10th Interval. Their liberal politics rubbed off on her in no time. Why shouldn’t women achieve more than simply being mothers, ie glorified housekeepers? They were just as capable. As she learned to fight thread alongside her classmates, her political views were solidified as a life-long liberal, almost as fervent as some of her Oldtime peers.

Another personal discovery she made was that she wasn’t made for the commitment of weyrmating, after several failed starts. She didn’t see the need, when her dragon seldom chose the same male in her mating flights that she should restrict her own choice of bed partners. There have been a few long term alliances over the last nearly 12 turns, but she made sure they were well aware that monogamy was not on the table.

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Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
Steak and Eggs! 09 Nov 2017 06:00

Llewellyn, Tommin, Va'os, Myssioli, Alyna, F'kan, Lyda, Rh'ysar, Maikah, Vani

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Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com


Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com