Location Southern Weyr
Rank Jr. Weyrwoman (Injured)
Wing Puma
Dragon gold Zymuraith
Firelizards gold Dhahabi, bronze Barunz, brown Qahua, blue Fayruz, green Zamarad
Former Caravan Zingari
Former Position Guard
Birthplace Kurkar Hold, 11th Interval
Played By Shay Mitchell
Player KyaLia


The desert marks Amani through and through, from the caramel tan of her skin to the varied brown shades of long, gently-waved hair to the deep klah-dark wells of keen eyes fringed in black lashes. Slightly arched brows that match her hair are neither too thick nor thin, nor are full lips that often rest in a smirk below a straight-bridged nose. Youthful roundness lingers in the graceful slant of her cheekbones, countered by the strength of a confident jaw tapering to a pleasantly pointed chin. Of average height and a slender but strong build forged by often meager means, she carries the bearing of one poised to dart from danger as well as to stand and face it as needed.

While she once dressed as inconspicuously as possible, even to the point of making her gender not immediately obvious, Amani has taken a liking to the more colorful, feminine clothing of Zingari women. She favors long skirts, peasant blouses, sashes (often the shimmering sort worn by dancers, when it isn't too distracting), and scarves. Deep jewel tones are her favorites, particularly reds, indigos, and violets with the occasional sapphire blue or emerald green thrown in. Jewelry and makeup aren't things she's incredibly experienced with yet, though when she does wear them, her innate ability to turn heads becomes effortlessly amplified.

Amani has transformed from a largely aloof young woman to an amicable and compassionate one, though she is still quite cautious when it comes to social matters. Candidacy and Weyrlinghood strengthened her considerably in this area. She can be smart-mouthed and a bit smug when it comes to her shooting and hunting abilities, though not usually to the point of outright arrogance. Her mouth once tended to get her in trouble; she would often say what came to mind without thinking about it, though integrating into the world outside of Kurkar improved her in this as well. However, she's still quite blunt when it comes to questioning anything that makes her curious.

She is a paradox when it comes to love. She remembers loving her mother, loves her best friends, and she understands the soul-mate love that defines her and Zymuraith. She recognizes when others are in love but doesn't know that she'd be able to recognize it in herself, not having a true basis for comparison. She fears that she may never truly know what it is with someone else, considering her bond with her lifemate…but she is young yet, and doesn't always remember that there's plenty of time still to learn, if the Pass will allow.

Common Knowledge

  • Amani is currently out of commission following a bite from a water snake in Ista.
  • Amani became Southern's Acting Senior Weyrwoman on the 10th day of Summer in the 12th month of the 14th Turn of the 12th Pass, following Mayte's return to Benden Weyr. She was established as Senior officially with Zymuraith's next rising.
  • She was Searched for Dhiammarath and Dhioth's clutch at Southern Weyr by Lynx's then-wingleader, M'noq, in the autumn (Southern's spring) of the 11th Turn of the 12th Pass. She Impressed gold Zymuraith and became Amani thereafter.
  • She is proud to call herself Zingari, even if her time as a full member of the caravan was brief.
  • During her time in the Bazaar, most came to recognize her as the Girl with the Crossbow. She was seldom seen without it.
  • Her blue sash and headscarf served to identify her further.
  • She's often observed with a small gold firelizard perched on her shoulder…or the top of her head.
  • She doesn't know how to swim very well. She can now, thanks to some of her Candidate/Weyrling classmates (and Dhioth, once), but it isn't an entirely comfortable thing for her yet.


Bound to Midnight Flames Gold Zymuraith

Dualism is her form, even as balance is her nature. In equal turns, bright bonfire light kisses her hide and faded umber streaks her in shadow, an illustrious illusion blending playful work in a serious game. Polished brass gleams on rounded headknobs and neckridges, circles set like byzantine clockwork, a seamless ombre over her wings and shoulders to a rosy gold. Shimmering iridescence marks near every inch of her form, lights appearing like stars, rippling and shifting with the viewer's perspective. Powerful muscles give her the immense strength and stability of a living, rooted tree reaching up towards the curtain of the sky. Her long, sinuous tail gives her perfect, highwire balance. Elongated muzzle and eyes like lucid pools suggest she understands the world's deeper truth and greater mystery, just beyond your reach.


Gold Dhahabi

Though she be but small, she is fierce - and very aware of what she is! This little gold is somewhat diminutive for her color but undeterred nevertheless, unafraid to scold and strut and flit about any space as though she owns it. Her coloring is classic, smooth and glimmering hide boasting an even tone all along the length of her lean body. The only variations are present upon her wings, translucent sails dappled with a spray of pale aurum that also highlights her talons and eyeridges.

Bronze Barunz

A quintessential example of his color, this perfectly-proportioned bronze is just that: bronze. His hide is almost a completely uniform shade of deep, glinting golden-brown blended with a hint of copper and pyrite. It brightens upon his wings and neckridges, his wingtips and talons highlighted in polished aurum accents. He is a handsome, shining creature, often loudly demanding that those around him acknowledge the fact.

Brown Qahua

Deep, dark hues of klah and chocolate define this sturdy, compact brown firelizard. Lighter, creamier shades limn each curve of spine and rib and rump, rippling down to deeper, more robust hues upon his underside and legs. A frothy speckling dusts his wings, dappled with dashes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove hues, while hematite glints darkly upon talons and wingtips.

Blue Fayruz

This lean, lithe fellow would be pure sky blue through and through were it not for the faintest undertone of green to his hide, visible mostly upon his belly and along his spine and tail. Wide, sturdy wingsails boast a subtle veining of tarnished gold that reappears in solid form upon his talons and wingtips, also lending distinctive highlights to his eyeridges and tailspade.

Green Zamarad

Though angular, this green is elegant, faceted much like the cut emeralds she resembles. Her hide glitters darkly, flashing here with sunlit brilliance, glowing there with verdant shadows. Long, narrow wings are subtly iridescent, reminiscent of the opal sheen that limns pearly talons. She is a vain thing, knowing full well she is as beautiful as a gemstone, but otherwise sweet and sociable with a soft, flute-like voice.







Zymuraith's Flights




Kecharitomene by Loreena McKennitt: The song has no lyrics, but the melody and makeup are evocative of things that define Amani. There's a sense of the desert traveler about it, a certain intrepidity and a stark, inexorable grace punctuated now and again by fiery accents. The title itself is Greek, meaning "full of grace" - a quality Amani is gradually learning to cultivate in herself as a goldrider.


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