Location Southern Weyr
Position Senior Apprentice
Craft Bakercraft
Birthplace Oldtimer Crom
Played By Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu
Player Jedibear


Hair as black as coal dust, Amaris's hair has a rather natural wave to it. It is not wavy enough to be considered curly, but there's enough wave for it to be very noticeable, and is kept cut close to the middle of her shoulder blades. A sharply defined nose is set above a smiling set of lips, her cheekbones clearly defined. Her face looks overall heart-shaped, her jaw a keen sort of point. To top it all of, a pair of twinkling grey eyes are visible underneath eyebrows every bit as dark as her hair. Though not as tall as some, Amaris has reached the end of her vertical growth, finding herself at an approximate height of five feet, eleven inches. She is a muscled sort of slender, the type of woman who's strength might be underestimated by those who don't know her. Womanhood has encroached upon her figure, leaving her with decent, if unextraordinary breasts. The curves to her body are more angular than truly curvy, but soft enough so-as not to appear sharp.

Amaris's holdbred ways have yet to be released, so dresses made of lighter material specifically for spring and summertime have made their way into her wardrobe. Today's choice is a pretty thing of a pale blue, almost grey, that brings out Amaris's eyes. It's flattering, but not promiscuous. Even by Nowtimer standards. The dress is about mid-calf in length, and a pair of sandals adorn her feet when not going about in brush - or a pair of boots if she finds herself headed into the jungle.

Common Knowledge

From Oldtime Crom. She has the accent to prove it, but usually schools it to a more sophisticated tone, as their mother taught her how to speak properly..and she actually USES it.

The smarter, younger sister of H'ris.

She came forward with her brother.


H'ris: Her big brother. She sometimes thinks he's an idiot, but loves him dearly and will give him advice whether he asks for it or not!


Amaris was born to Masterminer Hobart and his wife in Crom Hold in the Oldtime. The second oldest of four children and the oldest girl of the family, Amaris was a delight to both her mother and father in her willingness to learn, and her assumed willingness to obey whatever her parents wanted of her. But they were wrong about something. She was merely acting complaint and buying herself time to figure out what to do with her life.

From a young age, she helped her parents with raising her younger sisters, which was a great help to her mother when Hobart was in the mines for long hours. She also helped her older brother, Haris, with his studies among other things.

Everything was going smoothly, her plans were formulating, and things beginning to fall into place. And then one day…her father came home with news. News that he had arranged a marriage between her and one of the Minecraft Journeyman, a man she knew and…disliked very much. Marriage would prevent her plans, and so Amaris did the only thing she could: she reached out to her brother Haris now H'ris, not long Impressed at High Reaches Weyr, for help. They arranged a get-a-way, in which Hobart would have no reason to blame H'ris for Amaris's escape.

And thus began Amaris's life in High Reaches Weyr, where she initially worked as a Nanny. Until she realized that there was something she wanted to do more, and joined the Bakercraft. She was seventeen at this point, which admittedly had delayed her progress some. She was on the road to becoming a Journeyman once she became old enough when news of the Comet arrived. Calling on the aid of a rider-friend of hers, she went back to Crom briefly to try and convince her parents to come with her and H'ris.

Hobart and their mother stayed…but they did let Amaris take her two little sisters with her.

It was with regret that she left her parents behind in the past, but with hope that she could help the future. Except the future wasn't quite what they'd expected it to be. When H'ris decided to go to Southern Weyr, Amaris went with him, deciding that she'd rather be nearby if her brother needed her than far away.

And so now she exists at Southern, working hard for her Journeyman knot even in this time.

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