"What I am to you is not real
What I am to you you do not need
What I am to you is not what you mean to me
You give me miles and miles of mountains
And I'll ask for the sea"*

~Volcano, Damien Rice**

Basic Information

Name Ansaikyn
ID Number:
Position Cook
Birthplace Southern Boll Hold
Played By Dayvid Thomas
Name Origin:
Other Names:
Criminal Record:

Theme Song


Part One
*Grew up with a loud, boisterous, large family
*Mother is a Baker
*Father is a Vintner
*Spent much of his young life with his mother, learning at her knee varied recipies for both pastries and other items

Description Information



Accessories: Woven leather necklace with carved wood tunnelsnake pendant.

Equipment: Hunting knife, healer's listening tube, small rucksack with herbal medicines.

Relationships and Acquaintances

Immediate Family: None.

Enemies: None that he's aware of.

Subordinates: He doesn't have any and doesn't want any.

Igenites and Undergrounders

Applicable Knowledge

Quirks: : Despite his uncultured spoken vocabulary, he is quite intelligent and enjoys reading when no one is looking.

Specialty : Tailoring clothing.

Secondary Talents:: Drawing, herbalry singing.

Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous.

Musical Instruments: : Pipes, flute, guitar

Weapons : Crossbow, whip.

Philosophical Characteristics and Social Characteristics

Morality: : A good and gentle soul, though he is unafraid of challenge when it's necessary.

Attitude: : He's a gentle lad, and often kinder than he might admit to.

Pet Peeves : He's very phlegmatic; very little disturbs him.

Communication: : He doesn't speak much, preferring to wait and watch everything that goes on around him; he is very like an owl.

Self-Confidence: : He's a bit self-absorbed, though likely to extend grave courtesy to those he feels need.

Common Knowledge

Traumas: : He's had his share of lumps in life, and does not publicly discuss them with anyone.

Mannerisms : He's remarkably civil, all things considered.

Primary Objective(s):
Ansai's main objective is himself and his own comfort; others are tolerated, if not always enjoyed.

Secondary Objective(s):
He'll never admit to any softer sentiments, though he may very well have them.