Location Igen
Position Rank
Craft Weavercraft
Dragon (If Dragonrider)
Birthplace Trader
Played By Victoria
Player Player


Ariaya is an average height woman, with dark hair and expressive green eyes. She has a round face, and is usually smiling. She weighs slightly more than average, possibly from her love of food and drink, but it doesn't seem to slow her down any, as she is as active as any of her peers.

Common Knowledge



Ariaya comes from a family of Traders. Her parents often worked with the Weavercrafts to sell the woven and leather items, and Ariaya developed a feel for fine fabrics as she grew up. Her family caravan’s route included Igen Weyr, and Ariaya fell in love with the beautiful creatures. After Ariaya’s mother died due to an unexpected illness on the road, and looking for a connection with the Weavercraft, Ariaya’s father apprenticed her to the Weavers. Ariaya finally made Journeyman and was pleased to be posted to Igen Weyr.

Gallery / Icons

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Title OOC Date Cast Summary
Temptations of Lace May 5th, 2013 Chalantrial, Ariaya Chalantrial and Ariaya meet in the Cantina
Dreams of Fabric May 10, 2013 Ariaya, Webley Ariaya has beautiful fabric to sell, but makes a key mistake in the negotiation.
Plans are Woven May 12, 2013 Malaia, Ariaya Weavers weave a deal between them