Location Area
Position Rank
Craft (If Crafter)
Dragon (If Dragonrider)
Birthplace Igen Weyr
Played By Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Player Player


The thing is, men should be hairy. That's what Asher would say if you asked him, at least, and the reason why evident, at least if anyone catches him bare-chested. He's broad and thewy for a man of his career, with a perpetual beard, or at least one that grows in by noon most days. His face is all boy-next-door, with blue eyes and heavy brows. His jaw is well-defined and his smile thin-lipped but generous when given. He has a scattering of freckles both over his cheekbones and shoulders, and probably other places, similarly colored as his medium-brown hair.
He's a Harper and make no mistake. He trends towards the latest fashion of suits, and isn't that a mind game of its own making? He's not foppish by any means, it would be hard for a man his size to pull that off anyhow, but he cuts a clean profile. Except for the sharding beard-scruff.

Common Knowledge



Asher is a lifelong resident of Igen who apprenticed early to the Harpercraft. His dad was once the captain of the guard, may he rest in peace, and his mom a Harper helper. His dad died shortly after he walked the tables to journeyman. Though he does other Harpery things, legal is his strong place make no mistake. He's got strong ties to the current guards and some people call him a little too obsessed at finding justice in those accused of wrongdoing.

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