Location Southern Weyr
Position Merchant
Birthplace Tillek Hold
Played By Merve Boluğur
Player javiens


Raven black hair sleek and long drapes to her mid back and is often done up into a conventional half up, half down style. With dark wisps kept restrained by clip, her viridescent eyes are able to freely observe her surroundings. A pair of well groomed brows, neither thick nor thin, angle above her eyes and aid her typical don't-mess-with-me expression quite well. High cheekbones complement the contours of her face, as do full lips that curve slightly upward at the very corners. Her complexion is a healthy olive tone from the tips of her toes and all the way up the entirety of her feminine figure.

A cream colored top is form fitting and sleeveless depending on the season and often covered by a dark grey open front sweater if the environment is chilly. A pair of skinny charcoal colored trous adorn her lower half and are often hugging her hips by a thin belt. Matching colored sandals or ankle boots are also found on her feet to escape the heat or rain, and the only accessory she has is an ebony choker that clings to the lower part of her neck.

Common Knowledge

  • Arrived at Southern Weyr via fishing boat from Tillek Hold.
    • Had numerous bruises on her arms, a split lip, and a swollen black eye.
    • Tight lipped about her trip across the Azov.
  • Will not talk about her past to anyone.
    • So don't even ask~
  • Very fashion conscious despite her appearance when she first arrived at the Weyr.
    • Loves wearing skirts, dresses, and heels.
    • Loves to wear a light floral perfume dabbed on her wrists.
  • Easily startled. Loud noises frighten her.
  • Works in a clothing boutique near The Harper's Solarium.


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