Location Igen Weyr
Position Bazaar Merchant (Dustbowl)
Birthplace Rosie's Daughters
Played By Kenneth Bek
Player Player


Messy waves of flame-kissed hues flow back upon this man’s head, pushed out of the way of bright and brooding blue eyes, while the rest is kept trimmed clean and short. The same rosy tones continue in the form of long lashes, and whiskers that cling around his strong jawline and mouth. Beneath those eyes are a fair mottling of freckles, the faintest vanishing into the warm glow of tanned skin. The rest of his form is average in build and otherwise physically fit from turns of hard work, and looks to be standing at a formidable height of six feet, one inch in height.

Resting loosely on his shoulders is a sheer tunic woven in black, the front left wide open and billowing to allow for cooling breezes to flow through. Clinging tightly is a broad leather belt around his waist, holding up cream hued pants of a lighter material to contend with the desert weyr’s treacherous heat. Well worn leather boots accompany his ensemble, showing turns of wear and tear. With the exception of a necklace of black braided leather with clear blue beads woven through, everything else above is free of ornaments and design.

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Where is history lays is more in the shadows of quiet subservience… It’s a debatable whether a girl from Rosie’s bearing a bastard son to one of the Tlatoani is gossip worth repeating or not, especially when the man doesn’t favor the clan in coloring at all beyond the eyes. Avedis was raised upon the outskirts of the bazaar, tending to the usual trouble a growing boy often finds himself into and with his size, trouble had none finding him. Turns of physically demanding jobs and chores outside of a basic education often gained the young man work as a general laborer, lifting and carrying in supplies for whatever business that had the means to pay the affiliate brothel that sheltered him in exchange. It was a matter of time before he put his skills to use, having gained employment in the Dustbowl Cantina, where he works to assist the owner by any means required.

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