Location Southern Weyr
Position Wingrider
Craft Journeyman Healer
Dragon brown Abaraoth
Birthplace Colony near Fort Hold
Played By Kevin Durand


Trees are overlooked against the shape of a mountain, accepted and relevant also for this young man. Berevalt measures 6'5" and despite a certainty of obviousness in a crowd, the remainder of his traits seem secondary. He's light complected, but able to reach ruddy when prolonged outdoors. Kept short is dark auburn hair that seems ordinary save for the lighter orange fletching around his ears. Average features are improved with blue eyes he usually has narrowed against brightness. Muscle, tipping over 200lbs, earned outside his chief profession tells of an alternative pastime.

His clothing is typical of a dragonrider, neither flamboyant nor sedate.

Original Sin Brown Abaraoth

The only canto is a matte beast, his a hide which devoured all pigment and left little lustre to confront the world. He is best glimpsed at a distance where lighter feathers of buff and sardonyx can be put into perspective, collared as they are around a thick throat. Balance and noticeable equipoise graft an archangel's strength to a blunt muzzle, yet daemon horns spring from a heavy skull more leviathan than holy. Dried blood is forever caked and cast down khopesh-blade wings, their martyred breadth a salvation of length dressed with top talons and misdeeds. A sighthound's ribs give him breath to smite and soar, trailed by a tail that would be a morning star of the righteous, but usually ends as a bludgeon by the fallen, non serviam.

Common Knowledge

He doesn't come from a dragonriding background, but here he is. Too focused on not causing harm to himself or anything else in Fall to really fit into his own.


- Hy'sh, friend since apprentices despite being in two craft halls. Used to patching him up after brawls and knowing exactly where to anatomically hit people for maximum effect


Before he was Searched, Berevalt was on his way to serving people of Pern as a healer in Fort Hold. He'd had his status as journeyman only a matter of months before getting posted to a Southern backwater holding. He and Hyshaen, friends for a while, were both Searched very late in the candidacy game, so they barely had introductions with most of the group.

After Impressing Abaraoth two days after getting Searched, B'rev suddenly had a new calling that didn't hinge on what he'd been grinding on for the last decade. Now instead of preventing disease and achieving evenly-spaced sutures (hard to do with the size of his fingers), he's got to not die and make sure an enormous life form mentally bonded to him doesn't croak either.

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