Location Kurkar Hold ("The Underground")
Position Server at The Pit
Craft None
Dragon None
Birthplace Unknown
Played By Amara Karan
Player Kali


A sullen-looking young woman, she definitely suffers from resting bitch face. Her face has very strong features, only accentuated by the way she often tenses her jaw. Wide, dark brown eyes stare out accusingly from beneath thick black eyebrows. Her hair is a rich black, falling to her mid back in a thick mass, tamed to a smooth, rich shine. Her skin is a light brown, unadorned by any makeup. Standing tall and proud at five foot nine, her build is slim and compact.
Beris wears simple but practical clothes: a vest top that was probably once a rich green, but has been faded by the sun. Long tan trousers in a loose, light linen, bound at the ankle by strips of cloth. She wears plain sandals, the leather criss-crossing the top of her feet securely.

Common Knowledge

  • Adopted sister of S'rael
  • His family picked her up somewhere as a young child
  • She's had various jobs around the Underground since she was old enough, but nothing's stuck
  • She's become grumpy and rebellious since hitting puberty


  • Baham - uncle. Former leader of the Underground who disappeared after the Weyr's raid.
  • Divale - was a fellow healer aide; Beris softened up with her eventually, then Divale went off and Impressed a brown.
  • Ixtli - sister-in-law via her adoptive older brother. Beris admires her, and sees her as more of an aunt figure than a sister.
  • Jetharyn - he's a guard at Igen. Stay away from if causing trouble.
  • Qulandei - cousin (Baham's son).
  • R'ku - the rider she liked to look at, now turned boyfriend. Guess dragonriders aren't so bad, after all!
  • S'rae - adoptive brother. Impressed a bronze at Igen.
  • Zavyr - gets right up Beris's nose. Calls Beris 'Cheerful' (she hates it)


Champagne Whiskers Gold Lyira
Wrapped in pale champagne gold, this fire-lizard verges on the edges of white gold colouration, palest in her main body and down the lengths of her legs. Long she is, too, and big - but not in a chunky way. She's elegant even with her size, with a rounded chest, wide shoulders that taper slightly before the width of her hips interrupts; a long, waving tail with more broadness to it than might be expected of a fire-lizard. The colours of her face, around her muzzle and up to round her jewel-bright eyes are deeper, the paler base fading seamlessly into cognac; this same hue is painted perfectly onto her headknobs, while paws and tail are lashed with it. There's a kindness to her face, while her movements are loping and easy; a pleasantly mannered gold to be sure.
Inspiration: Ragdoll cats
Lyira's Clutches

Lattice Bronze Zeba
Molten bronze sweeps over the form of this long and lanky fire-lizard. His frame is slender rather than burly, with broad wings of a lighter colour in comparison to his burnished body. Well cared for, his hide is without flaw, every subtle whirl of colour visible - one could easily compare him to a statue as he holds himself carefully. Inquisitive eyes are set in an elegant face, and the line of his body is smooth; his movements are controlled and precise. Even his overly long tail never seems to drag behind him, always kept under tight control by this young fire-lizard.
Inspiration: Gazebos, vaguely


Fifth month of the ninth turn of the 12th pass - gets kicked out of her job as a healer aide
Seventh month of the ninth turn of the 12th pass - gets a waitress job at The Tea Room
Fifth month of the eleventh turn of the 12th pass - gets hired by Ramita to work at The Pit
Eight month of the twelfth turn of the 12th Pass - moves in with R'ku

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All Logs

Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
Secrets at Big Bay Hold 28 Mar 2018 23:00

Beris, R'ku

Beris and R'ku visit Big Bay Hold to try and find some more information on Beris's family.

Occurs after Chamomile in the Bath.

Avoiding Eye Strain 13 Apr 2018 04:00

Beris, R'ku, Xanthee

Beris and R'ku are pouring over some records using the Archives magnifying glass, Xanthee pops in, looking for a cool place to write.

Family, Old and New 20 Apr 2018 23:00

Beris, R'ku, Temeris (NPC), Briana (NPC)

Their investigations have led them to Katz Field Hold. What will Beris and R'ku find there of Beris's family?


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