Location Igen Weyr
Position Jonglour, Sleight of Hand Artist, Spyling
Caravan Zingari
Played By Bob Morley
Player dojilee


This young man is of average height, with a wiry frame that moves with an easy grace that can only come from turns of practice at physical activity. Klah colored eyes peer out from under a wavy mop of dark brown hair. When his smile appears, it seems to stretch from ear to ear and shows off perfectly even teeth.

Common Knowledge

-Pretty good tumbler.
-Loves a good joke and might be physically incapable of resisting a dare.
-more probably to come



Bonifas was born into the Zingari Mother clan. His mother was one of those who died during the sickness in the desert at the beginning of the pass, but he had plenty of aunts to help care for him and his childhood was pretty much as typical as anyone growing up in a Zingari caravan can be. He did the typical rounds about the caravan trying to see what skills he was best at it turned out to be sleight of hand and tumbling. He also started training as a spyling as well.

Gallery / Icons


Bonifas has had 16 scenes since creation in May 2017.