Dragon Green Diavath
Position Parhelion Wingrider
Location Igen Weyr
Birthplace Bitra Hold
Played By Daisy Ridley
Player Ooni


Dark brown hair is worn looped back in a 3-part bun, and stray strands wisp about her temples, clinging to her skin. She has a fresh young face, with smooth skin, pleasing, though often solemn, features, and a strong square jaw ending in a rounded chin. Intelligent eyes are tilted up at the corners, coloured a deep brown that is just lighter than her hair: closer inspection reveals sparks of chestnut and gold. Dimples appear when she smiles, which is not very often. She stands at 5'6 and is athletic and slender, with just a little bit of curve.

She wears simple desert clothes in various shades of off-white and grey. The tunic is sleeveless, covered by a light fabric wrap that criss-crosses her chest and hangs past knee-length grey trousers, to brush muscular calves. Her arms are covered by armbands, reaching triceps to wrist, complete with thumbholes. Two brown belts cross firmly over her narrow waist, and, if she is not carrying it, there is most likely a wooden quarterstaff attached to her back.

Common Knowledge

  • Brynn recently impressed green Diavath.
  • She is long lost family to the Reika Caravan, and was formerly a guard for them.
  • She's carries a quarterstaff, and knows how to use it.
  • She's athletic and tougher than she looks.

Relationships - Family

F'llen - older brother & brownrider with Broonth.
Onari - long-lost cousin - it's complicated. They are closer than they once were.
F'in - long-lost cousin - a good guy - she was living in his old wagon.
Grandfather Eynne (deceased) - a great man, an impossible loss. Brynn has inherited his journals.
Father Barin and Mother Lynne (both deceased) - doesn't talk about.


Brynn is the daughter of a pair of Bitran traders, Barin and Lynne, who were killed by thread when she was very young. This isn't common knowledge, unless you happen to be one of the Reika clan.

Her father Barin had two brothers and a sister, but he was the black sheep of the family, choosing to be an outsider, and as such, Brynn and her older brother Fellen did not have much contact with their uncle Forin and their many cousins, including Onari and Finn (now F'in). They were some of the few that did not join the Reika Caravan when it left Bitra.

Raised by her Grandfather Eynne on her mother's side, Brynn was very close to her brother Fellen, who was also her protector from the shady dangers of their home hold. He taught her how to fight, and how to use her quarterstaff to defend herself. Unless otherwise prohibited, she is seldom seen without it.

Fellen was called away to Igen to stand for Rhiscorath and Kazavoth's clutch, and impressed brown Broonth. Perhaps due to a lingering sickness, or maybe it was the heartbreak of losing his grandson to the Weyr, their grandfather passed away not long after he impressed. Devastated by this loss, and determined not to show it, Brynn left Bitra and moved to Igen to be closer to her brother. It just so happened that the Reika Caravan - Brynn's long-lost family - had set up shop at Igen.

Not long after arriving at the weyr, Brynn was asked to stand (in a round-about way) by Zeyta for Zsaviranth's and Rhakanth's clutch. But becoming a dragonrider wasn't meant to be at that time. She returned to life with the Reika, holding them at a firm arm's length, except perhaps for her cousin Onari.

She was asked to stand a second time for Rhiscorath and Abraxath's clutch by Weyrleader V'ard, and impressed the regal and at times maleficent darkling green Diavath.

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