Location Igen Weyr
Position Junior Weyrling
Family/Clan Akzhan
Dragon Bronze Tuanhjaliteth
Birthplace Igen Weyr (Bazaar)
Played By Adam Driver
Player Player


Imposing in both height and build, Iandicael is not a man easily missed. Though his barely tanned skin marks him as a one who has spent a good deal of time hidden away from the punishing glare of the desert sun, there is a sharpness to his dark eyes, a shrewdness which takes root in a place where nothing else grows. Black hair hangs just long enough for him to pull it back, but more often is merely shoved back with his hand so that the dark strands do not hide his features. His face is long, with a hint of roundness to his cheeks which seems a remnant of boyishness which refuses to fade despite the fact that he has shed his childhood. A strong nose dominates his features, while well-tended facial hair is often seen upon his chin and upper lip — save summer, when temperatures soar too high for such an accessory. When shaved, that guise of youth once again clings to him despite the unlikely age in his dark eyes. While he is not an overly handsome man, given the awkwardness which mingles with the regality of his features, there is something striking about him all the same. He is built as a creature who is not easily moved, and he carries his lanky form with that rooted strength.
Dark, muted shades are Iandicael's preferred garb. He tends toward shades of grey or black, with the occasional brown or tan tossed into the mix. His clothes are plain, meant merely to cover his body. His most ornate accessory is a leather belt embossed with a swirling design, barely visible against the dark material at first glance. Some form of weaponry is almost always to be found somewhere upon his person; although he dresses simply, he is a man who is always prepared.

Common Knowledge

  • He has a terrible temper and seems to be perpetually angered by everything around him, and it can be difficult to get past that moody, brash exterior.
  • He doesn't like to be touched, and will react badly if someone attempts to lay hands on him.



Iandicael was born of the Akzhan bloodline, close in relation to those who lead their clan, though not close enough that any responsibility of leadership would ever fall upon his shoulders. When the Akzhan split, his parents chose to side with the New Akzhan, favoring the promise of real money over the less flashy methods of the Old Akzhan. It served them well; Iandicael grew up knowing that there would always be more than enough marks to go around. But the boy was never satisfied. He disliked the way the New Akzhan flaunted their wealth, and thought his parents' greed to be distasteful. But at the same time, he looked down on the Old Akzhan for not managing to somehow keep the family together and allowing there to be a 'New Akzhan' in the first place. Any halfway decent leader would keep such a thing from happening, wouldn't he? It wasn't as though one ever saw the Weyrs fracture and split into two.

Iandicael began favoring friends from outside of his family line. Friends of questionable origin. And through those friends, he heard rumors of a place in the desert. A place where he wouldn't be known as Akzhan, but could be just another face among the rest. In a foolishly rash move, he abandoned his family in favor of chasing down whispers in the desert.

Somehow, he found Kurkar.

Since his mid-teens, Iandicael has made a home in the underground hold, using his bulk and imposing demeanor to work as muscle for whoever cares to pay him. Even when their domain was discovered by Igen, he remained there, preferring anonymity to returning to the fractured family who never bothered to look for him. But recently, rumors of the Akzhan Clan reuniting have reached him, and he has made the decision to return to the Bazaar — although his intentions in doing so remain unclear.

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