Location Southern Weyr
Position Senior Apprentice
Craft Star
Birthplace Cothold beholden to Keroon
Played By Shakira
Player KeliRie


Light brown hair parted down the middle and tied off into two low pigtails. When her hair is loose it falls to the middle of her back in a coarse mess of waves. She has a round cheeked face, with a little snub of a nose, unfortunately she also has some very bushy eyebrows. Thankfully her dark brown eyes draw some of the attention away from that particular feature. Slightly above average in height, extra on the curvey side with enough confidence to carry it all off and you can tell by the way she walks.
The skirt that she wears is mostly red, varying shades as if the dye thinned. A belt like scarf of brown is tied about her waist at a jaunty angle. Her shirt is loose sleeved and dyed a complimentary shade of red to go with her skirt. Two firelizards are perched on her shoulders.
Atop her shoulder sits a double corded, single looped knot with a small tail. This denotes her position as a Senior Apprentice of a Hall.

Common Knowledge

Stays up most nights, watching the sky and the stars. Even when she’s not doing that she’s studying and going about her apprentice business at these hours. They work for her and thus she spends a lot of time on opposite schedules of other people or very tired when they are bright eyed and bushy tailed.



Calliope was born and raised at at a small Cothold beholden to Keroon. Her family was rather average save that her father was good with runners and herdbeasts. He had some solid ideas in regards to their care that was a bit more forward thinking than some of his fellow craftsman believed. So about five turns ago he moved his entire family down to Southern Weyr. It took him quite a while to save the marks to do so but they managed it. Calliope is happy with the move and apprenticed with the Starcraft a few years back herself. She’s currently a Senior Apprentice and hopes to eventually rise to the rank of Journeyman. While she’s been rather a wallflower until recently she’s broadening her horizons and meeting more people. Currently her biggest problem is deciding on and executing a Journeyman project that will dazzle and awe the Masters and Journeymen of her Craft. As of yet this hasn't happened, she's managed to impress three firelizards in the last few months, actually find a friend or two and occasionally sleep.

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