Thin-boned and easily described as 'soft' in a word, she is the epitome of subtle youth and beauty. Blonde hair, when not skilfully tied back, can tumble freely and easily past her shoulders as they frame the gentle contours of her face. Grey-blue eyes are a little wide-set and often lined with kohl; her otherwise pale complexion is marred by a dusting of freckles. Just shy of five and a half feet tall, her build is slender and unremarkable, though there's a ghost of potential prettiness were she to put on a few pounds.

Her clothing is kept modest and proper for a woman of her status. On most days, she wears neutral colors but when she can, she prefers paler hues of white, blue or pink. A veil is often prominent when she is out in the general public. Several rings adorn her fingers, though the one she once wore as a wedding band now rests on a chain around her neck.

Common Knowledge

  • Once the young wife of an older, successful bazaar merchant involved in the trades of spices and wines, Cascabel was seen at shops around the Bazaar. Now she's a sort of refugee lurker at the Weyr proper.
  • Rarely if ever speaks unless spoken to, but seems starved for conversation and connections.
  • Likes animals, frequently trying to offer pats to guard dogs or pet or feed stray felines. After leaving the bazaar, she kept one of the dogs for herself.
  • She seems eminently practical.


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Ria Mae - Thoughts on Fire
And I didn't listen to your negative reasons
I don't got time for that sort of thinking
I'm unaware if you're trying to bring me down
Too busy thinking better thoughts
And I love that so much

I believe, I believe, I believe I can do it if I want
I believe, I believe I can do it if I want
I believe, I believe that everyone's with me

Location Igen
Position Weyrfolk
Birthplace Lemos Coverage Area
Played By Imogen Poots