Location Southern Weyr
Position Wingrider
Dragon Brown Sidaaeth
Birthplace Ista Weyr


Short waves of golden tresses frame Coora's soft face, falling somewhat unevenly around her jaw. Blonde eyebrows are darker than her hair, merely a thin dirty blonde arch above warm hazel eyes. Her thin face is not angular and boney, but rather, soft and smooth, just short of chubby. Rosy lips are warmly hued, neither plump nor thin, but just in the middle. Creamy pale skin runs from face to feet, along her slightly thick body. Womanly curves are in the appropriate place, the exaggeration decreased by the fullness of her shorter than average form.

Coora wears a sundress of thin cotton, swirled with pale yellows and oranges. The dress drags at her sandal bound feet, swirling soft folds of fabric around her legs. Narrow sleeves wrap her arms and wrists, tight enough to be functional, but loose enough to allow a cool breeze through.


Nutmeg and ecru quilt a delicately softened maw, curving to a plumper cheek and a gently accented pair of headknobs. Those warm colours deepen, twisting with coffee and malt along the broad neck and shoulders of this dragon, sweeping into the bear-brown along his belly. He's average-sized, but heavy muscle condenses beneath the deepening malt and russet tones of his stout haunches and hind legs. That tail darkens at the spade with shadows of cobalt, masking to the eye how broad and wide it really is. Wingspars are sturdy, stretching the heavy drape of sail between them and its here where there is finally some sheen on that hide, caramel and honey flecking through the underscored rich browns. Often hidden beneath the loose swathe of wingsail is a handspan of parchment-pale hide that worries for more oiling. His paws are larger than most, rounded and plump, with heavy dark padding on their undersides.

A pair of plain brown straps wrap about Sidaaeth's neck and 'ridges, blending, in many places, with his brown hide. The sewing is simple but sturdy, attesting to his rider's dedication. Buckles are set in place for easy removal and tightening.

Common Knowledge

Coora was born and raised in Oldtimer Ista Weyr. She had aspirations of being a goldrider as a child and was very vocal about it. When she Impressed Sidaaeth, many thought she would be disappointed, but she wasn't.

Her father figure was N'ano, longtime weyrleader of Ista Weyr, though not truly her father.


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