Location Southern Brig
Position Lynx Wingrider
Birthplace Black Rock Hold
Dragon Blue Zynth
Played By Zack Ward

You've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, Know when to walk away, know when to run.
-The Gambler by Kenny Rodgers


Drex's narrow face is framed by a mop of unruly red hair, the bridge of his nose and cheeks are often a similar shade of red and peeling from the sun. Freckles splotch haphazardly across the skin of his face and arms, all of which are often visible as his tunic sleeves are often rolled up to his elbows. His clothes are loose, but clean despite his wilder look, he is tidy in his clothing; all leather well oiled and cloth free of stains. His stance is a confident but laid-back one, and there is a quietly cheerful air about him. Drex carries himself easily and walks with a fast long stride, hands at his belt or clasped behind his head. Around his mouth are the telling signs of one who smiles often and his lean, but wiry frame suggests a life that has known hard labor.

HHis clothing is loose and practical. A broad leather belt ties in a clean tan tunic and dark pants are tucked into his high leather boots. From his belt hangs the polished wood sheath of a sword, not a single nick can be found down the thing's leanth nor is it's presence even brought to attention by it's wearer. It is simply there. A statement perhaps. Everything is tidy and neat, though lack a level of professionalism. Loose layers of tans and blacks are never stained or ripped, all articles are in the highest state of clenliness D'ex can manage. On cooler days he can be seen with a brown overcoat draped around his shoulders and perhaps a black cap covering his head. A green firelizard is perched on his shoulder.

Common Knowledge

  • Drex spent a significant amount of time in Southern Weyr Brig thanks to his time as a Pirate aboard the Wandering Disgrace
  • Drex is a neat freak. He's OCD and it effects almost everything he does. His quarters are clean and organized, his days planned, and work, in his mind, ought to go without hitch, complications and unplanned for anomalies. One of the easiest ways to mess with Drex would be interfering with his schedule.
  • Gambling Addict
  • He's not the best in spontaneous situations and it can cause problems in day to day life
  • Generally a 'Attack Now, Questions Later' kind of guy
  • Relatively Good Cook thanks to his time working in the kitchens of the vessel

Not Common Knowledge

  • Can Read and Write
  • Not actually Trigger Happy
  • Has done most every form of law-breaking at some point or another, including and not limited to: Murder, Theft, Piracy, Pit Fighting, and is Very Good at Cheating at Cards and Dice


  • Lots of Red Headed Miscreants. Many of Which are in Black Rock
  • If interested in being related, let DrePlayer know! There are lots of Sewatts, big family!

Who Classification Opinion
Luciana Boss There is a sense of humor in there somewhere
Isabeil (NPC) Saint Saved Life. Owe. Will Never See again … ..
A'hali Saint Should Worship this Guy
A'ndi Sunshine. Friend. Needs better taste in liquor. Home.
Therst Cousin. Thank goodness someone else in this weyr has an appreciation for gambling games.

D'ean Good - Annoying. Currently in Possession of Sword… . .
Vani Sweetheart. Somewhere under all that :b is a Sweetheart.
H'ris UnClassified. Seems like a good guy????
Odesse UnClassified. Shipfish are really not that cool.
M'noq Wingleader. Nice Guy. Can't hold the Knot against him forever.
Naneska Nice Ass. Not sure how much of this Girl one person can Put Up with.
Midra Nice Ass. Needs to loosen up. And loose the guard… . .
K'vvan Old Man. Very talented at being a Jackass.

Luciana Damn You. Former Boss? Friend/Ally/Type Sometimes? No. Damn her.
Zavyr The Most Annoying Individual on Pern. Resent. Owe. Big Time. X2. Or Three. Has a Dragon Now.
Lane Damn You. Zavyr's Psyco. Wait, his name is Lane? What?
T'zaim UnClassified. Jerk who Re-Arrests People
Myziri UnClassified. Arrested by the First Time … .
Yfana Little Wretch Everything this kid touches is a mess. May she be cursed with all the poison. All of it.
K'oan Captain-Type. Was nearly drowned by this guy's dragon. He is not a man of the Sea. No matter what he thinks.


The world at the edge of the ocean is a limitless one and for the young Drex, eyes were always cast out to sea. As much as he liked Black Rock Sea Hold, it was not a place for staying. Forever watching the coming and going of ships, he promised himself he’d one day be on one of them and soon enough he was. At the age of about 16, Drex was hired aboard a merchant vessel, learning the tools of the trade quickly and loving every moment of it. It wasn’t long before a bad game of cards had him with only the clothes on his back and running from some rather serious people who didn’t take kindly to not being paid. Drex’s talents on a ship meant he was able to heckle quite a bit for a position, however, the new serious people he was heckling with where the masters of the sea. Pirates were not looked kindly upon, but they could guarantee a measure of protection from Drex’s new enemies on land. The first year was rough as the young man worked mostly in the kitchens, working from simple grunt to cooking, but by the second year Drex proved to be rougher, earning a relatively respectable spot out on the deck where he wanted to be. As fears of the men on land faded, Drex grew more and more at ease with a life of crime until finally, at the age 23, Drex wore crime as some men might wear a coat.

Drex's education is approximately that of an 8th grader. Few of his family saw some sort of practicality in a steady hand to write a name and the capability to sit down and read a book. Drex never saw any point to any of this and in his days as a student he was nothing less than a total and complete disruption to any class he was put in. When he was finally kicked out and the Harper's Hall could not be convinced to let him try again, Drex was a free lad. At 14, Black Rock Hold was his for the taking and Drex took. Within a year he knew the Hold as well as the best of them and although he didn't pick up pick pocketing until his 15th turn, he still managed to create all sorts of technically law-abiding chaos. With a gaggle of friends, Drex did odd jobs at the dock, loading and unloading ships, drawing maps of the city for first-time visitors, and 'locating' various ship parts.

Pirating ended with an arrest. Drex was sent to the Southern Weyr Brig, the fate of the Wandering Disgrace came to him belated and with a mixture of relief and regret. At least he was safe in here and not dead. Then again, whispers of Traitor circulated the Bring and Drex's cell to himself kept to it's single occupant. Months passed, a hope?

Luicana came with a hope of a job, a shifty one, a shady one, but one right up Drex's ally. With her help, a release was arranged and Drex was in the honorable service of the Weyr. As a spy's grunt and guard. Not quite so honorable, but paying and Drex became Luciana's shadow in her 'business trips'.

However, Poor Life Choices strikes and Drex's attempted murder of one performer known as Zavyr has him again without a job. When the chance for a bed and new life is offered, back at the weyr, Drex takes it and almost immediately ends up in jail. Waiting for a trial takes months, but it comes and goes, Drex banned from Black Rock, stripped of Rank, and running willingly from the weyr.

Home again, Home again! Black Rock is floundering and Drex cannot get a ship to hire him. His days are spent listlessly babysitting or trying to gamble up some money. Working at the docks brings in a small amount, but not enough to move out of his family's house.
It is now when another chance comes, Drex is Searched by the Watch Dragon, returning again to the hated Southern Weyr. It is here he tries for one of the few times in his life to lay low, fit in, be below notice of the authorites that could boot him back home before the eggs harden.

The Hatching sparks a new beginning. The criminal who dislikes dragons, hates the weyr, and just wants a ship, gets a dragon. Blue Zynth impresses D'ex and a new life began.

Starting out in Siberian Wing, D'ex's start as a rider was a rough one. Through Weyrlinghood, he was not trusted by knots, and in turn, did not trust them. Zynth's constant pestering and encouragement to behave and become the best rider he could be started early and continues on through out his life. Zynth brought new forms of everything to D'ex. Stability. Attachment. Purpose. The Blue knew the man better than he knew himself and the pair were nothing less than partners.

Though the relationship might not always seem to be together, or even like a team, the two work. Zynth kept D'ex's temper in check, teaching the man how to deal with a society that he does not trust or entirely understand. Though the blue never required D'ex to be an angel, a new level of behavior was expected from the man. In turn, D'ex provides the blue's agile mind with entertainment, pushing the blue sometimes to his own comfort limits and no matter what trouble Zynth causes or who gets upset; D'ex will back the blue in the end.

The two adored each other. Exist for each other. A match could not have been made better.

D'ex left Siberian for Lynx not long into serving and here, he found a wing he fit in. Not only were Lynx's antics far more suiting to the former-pirate's skill-set, the people here, like himself, tended to come from a shadier side of life. D'ex was happy as a rider, though this is not something he'd ever admit out loud. He enjoys a Knot. Loves flying. Has a passion for fighting Thread. And for the first time in a long time, D'ex has control of his future.

His future looks like an ulta-blue dragon with a mischievous, manipulative streak, and D'ex loves it.


D'ex did NOT need a firelizard. Useless things, those little flying rats. Thanks a lot Zavyr.

Lizard Personality
Picture Coming Soon Lady Dammit - I Will Fix It Green - A mishmash of greens tumble over this svelte lizard. Those many hues compete with each other in both direction and shade to become an erratic maze of stripes and spots, none quite winning the struggle to fully claim the terrain of lean length, long muzzle, crested neck, narrow wings and lengthy tail. The patchy illusion steals the rightful sense of symmetry from her form that yet manifests in movement: This tiny female is the archtype of the attributes of grace and agility, as well as those of meddling and manipulation!

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Success consists of going from Failure to Failure without loss of Enthusiasm.
-Winston Churchhill