Location Southern Weyr
Position Wingrider
Wing Jaguar
Dragon blue Searuth
Firelizards bronze Angaar, brown Chida, green Hara
Weyrmate Alyna, rider of green Haquith
Birthplace Southern Boll Hold, 11th Interval
Played By Sendhil Ramamurthy
Player KyaLia


Bollian roots show strongly in the richly sun-darkened skin, wavy black hair, and piercing ebony eyes of this leanly athletic man. Standing at five foot ten, D’har is certainly tall - not towering, but his natural charisma can make him seem taller than he is at times. Surely he must be Blooded; his features are nearly perfect in proportion, from the intent gaze peering from beneath low, subtly arched brows to the long line of his nose to the framework of a strong, square jaw. His lower lip is fuller than the upper, giving him a slightly pouty appearance but offering no hindrance to an easy smirk and a broad, white smile.

In terms of clothing, D'har is very good at striking a balance between practicality and Bollian fashion both on and off duty. His leathers are impeccable while still obviously well-used and cared-for, and beneath his jacket there is always a tunic either richly colored or embroidered (often both) to be found. In a nutshell, he follows uniform regulations to a T while on duty and dresses to his Blood without being pretentious or flamboyant while at ease.

Personality-wise… Flirt alert, ladies! D'har is charming, fun-loving, and adventurous…and he has an ego, being well aware of his looks and heritage and unafraid to leverage them as he sees fit. He's not unpleasant about it, really, but it's enough that someone may want to slap him every now and again. More recently, he shows himself to be rather reserved about his past beyond his lineage…and occasionally likes to go off alone with a wineskin, though only he knows whether the two are connected at this point. Despite this, he is quite disciplined and decorous while on duty, which serves him well both at the Weyr and abroad.

Midnight's Mythos Blue Searuth

Lost in shadow is this sinuous, broad-winged blue, lean muscle limned in the subtle silvering of moonlight to accent definition in darkness. Obsidian tips and talons, however, grant the necessary contrast to distinguish between midnight and black. A spray of luminous lazurite and electrum starlight spangles wide wingsails, neckridges, and headknobs, while a long and handsome face is brought very subtly into view, clouds parting before the moon to bathe adumbral hide in twilight-shrouded azure.

  • Searuth in Brief: Searuth is based in part on imagery that is prevalent in traditional vampire legends, but his personality is based more on what’s known of the life and temperament of the historical figure of Vlad Tepes (the “Impaler” as he's more famously known). This means he is clever, pragmatic, dedicated, passionate, and ruthless when it comes to the battle against Thread. His mindscape is the night, complete and unwavering, a realm that encompasses every other sense more than sight. It can be unnerving, obscuring his true intentions and meanings, but it also emphasizes the more romantic side of night - how much life can exist within it as well. Keep an eye out for a full inspiration for Searuth, coming soon!

Common Knowledge

  • D'har is Blooded, being the nephew of Lord Byshon of Southern Boll.
  • He transferred to Southern from Igen Weyr and Benden Weyr before that.
  • He got his nose broken when a prisoner snapped her head backward into his face during the attack on the Underground Hold.


Person Position Perception
Alyna Ocelot Wingrider, green Haquith's "I'm not sure how we ended up not crossing paths while we were at Igen, but better late than never! A gorgeous minx, this one. At first we were friends with benefits, but…things have taken a turn. Venturing deeper, beyond the incredible times we always have together. I've fallen in love with her, despite my vow to never risk my heart that way again. But with Alyna, it's mutual. We understand one another, and we share an incredible connection despite how unconventional we are. Though I wasn't sure she'd ever be ready to, we've become weyrmates, and I couldn't be a happier man."
Rocio Weyrlingmaster, green Niamyth's "Eager, energetic, and a pretty thing. Searuth likes her attention but naturally won't admit it. I will admit, however, that it is a pleasant turn of events to see her at Southern. We've reconnected, and she seems to like to exercise her sass on me…which is completely fine."
Hannah Junior Weyrwoman, gold Dhiammarath's "An enigma, but a pleasant one both in personality and appearance. She carries the air of one who has seen and endured too much far too young. Now she's gone to Ista, but I would not mind crossing paths with her again someday."
Prymelia Arroyo Wingrider, green Issaeryth's "A fire I apparently got too close to. Will I ever learn what happened? Maybe one day, if I ever see her again, she'll see fit to look me in the eyes and tell me truthfully."
  • Anik - Father, brother to Lord Byshon of Southern Boll
  • Darshana - Mother
  • Niada - Older sister by one Turn
  • Indrasan - Younger brother by four Turns, Journeyman Woodcrafter currently posted at Lemos Hold


D'har is the nephew of Lord Southern Boll by Byshon’s brother Anik and his wife Darshana. He had an easy, privileged childhood, and (without being encouraged toward it) showed an interest in Weavercraft early on. His father never fully approved of it, proud of the Bollian talent for weaving but seeing it as not a very masculine craft.

Andhar didn’t focus there, however. He was adept at adventuring himself into trouble and getting into places he shouldn’t have, causing all manner of mischief. His weaving talent was more innate than seriously practiced, and something he would often escape to when he was in a less-than-pleasant mood.

Just before he turned fifteen, a pair of Benden Searchriders came calling and ended up turning their eyes on young Andhar. While he was considering possibly heading off to apprentice at the Weaver Hall, he saw this as another opportunity for adventure and jumped at it. He’d never been to a Weyr, or anywhere further away than Fort Hold, and expected to be home after getting his fill of Candidacy in a faraway place soon enough.

It wasn’t to be. Unusually dark and wholly mysterious, blue Searuth claimed Andhar - now D’har - only a sevenday after he turned fifteen. While his family was initially shocked at the Impression, and perhaps a little disappointed that he didn't Impress bronze as he obviously deserved, they grew to be proud to have a dragonrider in the family, particularly one who found his lifemate at prestigious Benden. The pair grew into a very capable addition to Benden’s wings, easily passing through Weyrlinghood without rank or anything to bring them into the spotlight. Searuth, however, is one of the more durable blues, able to last through all but the heaviest Falls.

One day, without much fanfare or even word to those who were best acquainted with him, he left on transfer to Igen Weyr. When asked why, he would simply reply that he needed a "change of scenery" and leave it mostly at that, though rumor at Benden had it that he may have been involved in a scandal with a daughter of Benden Blood. Or a son of Benden Blood. Or one of the junior Weyrwomen. It was never clear, and while none of the stories were by any means unheard of, any would have been good reason to make himself scarce.

While at Igen, he served on Parhelion Wing, then Whirlwind…and then he was gone again, this time to Southern. Rumor this time had connected him to a fiery greenrider named Prymelia, with whom he did have a brief but passionate love affair before she moved on from Igen herself without a word. How much that played into his decision to leave is something he says nothing of; he had no obvious reason to go anywhere considering she had already left, so one assumes it wouldn't make sense as a motivation. Therefore, his reason for coming to Southern is even more unclear than his previous reason for moving to Igen. He is either restless, incapable of staying out of trouble, or a coward - all things he has claimed at various points in his life.

Regardless of his past, he seems to have found some steadiness at Southern Weyr, flying in Jaguar Wing and allowing himself to fall in love in earnest, this time with a feisty blonde greenrider named Alyna. With her as his weyrmate and his position on the Weyrleader's wing secure, he's in a position to claim Southern as home, feeling the most secure he has in a very long time.

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