Location Southern Wilds
Position Wildling
Craft N/A
Dragon N/A
Birthplace Wilds
Played By Olga Kurylenko
Player younghunkules


Standing tall and proud, Demelza cuts a fierce figure. She is at least half a head taller than most women she encounters and sometimes seems even taller. Her form is slim yet muscular, hewn and trimmed from hard work in a difficult terrain, and although she could be called neither willowy nor curvy, she would never be mistaken for a boy. Her olive skin is pale from her time spent shrouded in the mountains but it is a shade that would obviously tan easily if only offered direct sunlight. Long, wild dark hair is twisted into thick braids that meet at the crown of her head, and if there is any purpose to the knots and plaits, it appears to mainly keep the curly hair manageable and out of her face. Her face is oval-shaped and her lips are full, but any appearance of softness there is undercut by sharp, observant eyes that are, by far, her most striking feature. They are a jade green upon inspection but, concealed in the shadow of the kohl smudged around her eyes, frequently appear much darker until the light catches on them. They see everything and betray little in return, giving her the ever-aloof appearance of an outsider constantly considering her options. As if to erase any remaining doubt of her being a wildling, she also at least one tattoo: an outline of wild dog snarling at her neck.

She dresses in the earth shades of the mountains: tans, browns, and light grays. Coarsely woven fabrics intermingle with hides that she likely skinned herself, all to form a soft undershirt, rugged leather top, pants, and sturdy boots. The designs cut and sewn into them are nothing ornate but pretty in their own rough sort of way. Furs and feathers frequently adorn her person and she often wears a dark cloak, all necessities in the frozen wastes she came from and one she will be hesitant to give up as she travels to other climates. She wears simple jewelry around her neck or in her hair, a small bit of fancy that potentially betrays a bit vanity.

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