Location Igen Weyr
Position Senior Weyrwoman
Dragon Gold Zsaviranth
Previous Craft Healer
Birthplace Igen Weyr
Played By Priyanka Chopra
Player javiens


Average in height and built to last, her body type is slim yet well-proportioned in areas around hips and bust. Narrow at the waist, the contours of her body are built with shapely femininity that accentuate an overall curvy physique. Dark colored hair is long and lighter at the tips, falling to her midback and normally pulled up into an elegant braided bun to escape the dry desert heat. Facial features give way to a well defined profile with a small pointed nose and angled jawline, soft cheekbones and full lips. She is feminine from the tips of her manicured fingernails to the top of her well groomed brows that set above hazel colored eyes.

Form fitting riding leathers cling to robust curves, glossy yet maneuverable in a native shade of rich klah coloring. Shin length boots are well kept and laced tightly with heels that lift her an extra two inches, bumping her close to average male height. A sleek riding jacket is left partially open to reveal a silky white blouse half hidden by a light scarf that wraps around her neck to conceal a string of elegant pearls. Snug trous define the contours of her hips and shapely legs while a pair of riding gloves grace her hands from time to time. She is free of any other accessories, save a single bracelet upon her left wrist made of purple gemstones.

Sage Before Beauty Gold Zsaviranth

Citrine matrix glitters elusive, glimpsed then gone, a treasure cloaked in stately solitude. Neckridges hail twilight's gentle touch in warm embrace, crystalline abundance, seeding elegant spurs along a lithe and luminous frame. Gilded neck and throat darken into smokey citrine deep beneath the underbelly and willowy muscles of slender legs, powerful, a form promising weathered strength and mettle, bespeaking regal grace. Faceted headknobs flicker a jeweled sweep into rounded eyeridges set upon pale crest, descending, sharpening into a hooked patrician snout. Coruscations ripple along smooth hide, inclusions, deep and mysterious, glimmering in shadow, dazzling in sun, lifting to stretch aureate and wide upon glassy sails dusted with fair iridescence.

Common Knowledge

  • Born at Igen Weyr.
  • Very little is known about her family.
  • Sent to Fort Hold's Healer Hall at 14 years old.
    • Received a senior apprentice knot after 3 years of study.
  • Searched for Fort Weyr at age 17.
    • Impressed gold Zsaviranth.
  • Returned to Igen at 24 years old.
    • Assisted leadership with administrative functions.
    • Also participated during Threadfall as a dragonhealer on groundcrews.
  • Became Igen's Senior Weyrwoman at 27 years old.
    • Still continues to have regular shifts in the dragonhealer yard and infirmary.
    • Works well with the Tlatoani family.

Green Aventurine
Crystalline green hide light in hue sparkles with just a hint of lemon that gives her a very spritely appearance from a distance. Delicate wings are long and pale, foretelling of speed and agility when pursued in haste or pleasure upon the changing desert current. A slender hooked snout and sharp tiny claws ensure that she is a gem to be admired from a distance and never touched unless permission is specially granted on a whim. She is a glittering chimera as fanciful as any daydream.

Blue Druzy
Cerulean wraps over a lanky body that seemingly glitters in the natural light when away from shadows. Bright colors along his back and tail blend into a darker shade of indigo like that of a rich sapphire and pique at black obsidian claws that are kept manicured on a regular basis. Multi faceted eyes whirl a jaunty emerald green and complement sparkly headknobs that match the hooked snout that begs to be scritched.

Bronze Smoky
Molten hide glimmers like tiger's eye in natural light, shadowing into onyx-like plumes that stretch over belly and throat. Rich klah coloring is sheened with golden hues that tease like flame whenever he moves about, whether it be by foot or in aerial dance. Dark tourmaline hide wrap around sturdy legs and lightens at the tips of sharp claws that flex in flight and upon stone in antsy movement out of habit. Earthen coloring make it easy for him to blend into dark corners with only the glint of whirling faceted eyes to give heed to his presence.

Gold Citrine
Ooey gooey melted-butter delight: the bright pale yellow of a farm-fresh yolk oozes over every deliciously crispy edge and every skillet-browned surface of this little gold firelizard. A hash of neckridges tumble down her neck, terminating in narrow russet shoulders; maple syrup drizzles along her spine, cinnamon sprinkled along the dainty hide-covered bones. She takes after her dam in the delicate arrangement of her carriage, the elegance of her wings — but she is wholly herself in the bright sunshine of her spirit, an unflagging cheer eternal.


All Logs

Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
Meeting? 09 May 2019 04:00

Diem, Divale, Zaria

When a proddy Diem runs into Divale and Zaria in the Council Chamber, a meeting is had that may or may not have been previously scheduled.

Scarf Battle Royale 25 Apr 2019 05:00

Diem, K'vre

A Parhelion rider and a weyrwoman go on an adventure.

super backdated

Golden Moments 09 May 2019 04:00

Diem, K'vre, Sa'mael

A (very) proddy Diem bumps into K'vre in the living cavern and then Sa'mael shows up with a present!

Blood & Sand 10 May 2019 05:00

Diem, K'vre

Igen's leadership flight of Turn Sixteen bloodies more of Igen's sand than not. The aftermath finds Diem and K'vre in various states of disrepair. Spoiler alert: they're still better off than The Pit.

flight aftermath

Escape to Southern 12 May 2019 05:00

Diem, K'vre

Rajakhelath rises in Igen's area, prompting Diem and K'vre to flee off to Southern - conversation ensues.


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