Location Southern Weyr
Position Bartender
Craft None
Dragon Fieranaoth
Birthplace Nabol
Played By Julie Kennedy
Player Veresch


She has a thin, delicate facial structure, with lush red hair surrounding it in a curly, finger-inviting mess. Her eyes are light green, almost olive, and thickly fringed with lashes; her cheekbones are high and her mouth somewhat full, with a rather stubborn chin making her uniquely attractive rather than conventionally pretty, with a willful, spirited cast to her expression. Her body is as sleek as a pampered, petted cat with high, slightly small curves and a thin waist that lead to sleek hips and lithe legs; though it renders her a tad boyish, it's creamy skin that normally gets attention for its glowing, healthy perfection rather than a slightly lacking build.

She is clad in an outfit coloured a dark sea green that flatters her complexion, and is cut to fit closely to her shape. The tunic has no sleeves and a simple upright collar, closing down the front with five cloth-covered buttons and stretching to her thighs. The shirt below is a bright blue, and long sleeves terminate precisely at the wrists. The pants are the same as the tunic, wide and comfortable. She wears a pair of stout boots to protect her feet, and save the knot, there's no ornamentation to the outfit.

Common Knowledge

  • A bartender at the Tipsy Kitten
  • Originates from Nerat

Not-So-Common Knowledge

  • Dione has a lucrative sideline partnership with the Harpers — for a few bits of coin she's the story talent behind the outrageously successful bodiceripper author 'Kantra of Pern'.


  • Bubbly
  • Fun-loving
  • Sassy

Dione's Tags

  • Shoulders — Sammael
  • Grumpy — Ulrik
  • Eyebrows — El'ai
  • Rio — Rocio


People Ponderings
Allash Cool dude at the bar, helped her with a sticky situation. Very quiet.
Q'fex Weyrleader, gave her the wandering hands talk. Bought her an icy mocha as well, so how could he be bad?
Lisette Woman her own age, with much the same thought on children and marriage and manflesh. Ladies' night soon.


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