Title Fabricator of Fine Footwear
Location Southern Weyr
Position Senior Journeyman
Craft Weaver (Cobbler)
Birthplace WeaverHall
Played By Mark Strong
Player Player


With features that might be better suited to mystery or intrigue, Donatien is that tall, dark, and relatively handsome fellow. Mostly leg, Donatien's physique is still powerful that tells of hard work - or working out. A triangular jaw that looks like it should have a permanent evening shadow can alternate between open grins and pursed, tightly kept secrets. Heavy but maintained brows over dark eyes are the most hair on Donatien's head; the rest of it was balding until he shaved it short, and takes great pains to keep it that way. Donatien's hands are large and long-fingered, his nails kept immaculately short. There are some dye stains that stubbornly resist being scrubbed away.
Donatien wears a fine, light linen shirt which just opens at the collar, the lacing of it absently neglected so the leather binding gapes almost irregularly. The sleeves of that fine shirt are frequently rolled up to his elbows. Dark pants cling from waist to thigh, but then fall laxly to over dark blue boots with, strangely bright orange laces. Why? Why not. A belt keeps those trousers up with a belt buckle that's beaten into a firm and uncomplicated belt buckle.

Common Knowledge

  • Donatien is known for his love of sport, liquor and women. And making boots.
  • Has arthritis in his knees; before suffering arthritis, he loved running; now he's taken up swimming.
  • Answers to the nickname Dien.
  • Is occasionally seen with a pair of knitting needles and wool - he may not make something as complicated as a sweater or gloves, but it's a calming hobby.
  • Came to Southern Weyr with his assistant, Weaver Apprentice Arnaut (NPC).


A casual thing here and there…
Oh! You meant family! Sadly, his two parents have passed on, but his younger sister lives with her husband and two kids. Those are of an age to come visiting now and again to Southern. Though Donatien himself may have a couple of children from being around goldflights *cough*, he isn't particularly close to them.


Donatien hails from WeaverHall, but he was useless with a needle and thread. In desperation, he was tried in leather, where he managed to do quite well, hitting the milestones and passing tests regularly. Come posting time, he was sent first to Bitra, but he didn't like it; his only statement on the situation was, "It was too cold." No one's sure if he means the weather, or the ladies.
After Bitra, he was sent around to different Weyrs, which he liked for the ability to work on good, solid, functional, but fun and beautiful boots. Finally, when time came for Senior Journeymanship, he asked to be posted to Southern Weyr for its warmth, sun, and more casual atmosphere.

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