Southern Weyr Area
Journeyman Rank
Smithcraft [Wood] Craft
N/A Dragon
Lemos Hold Origin
Played By Played By
Player Rakouzo


Barrel-chested and brawny, Fergus makes up for a lack of height with sheer strength and presence. Stocky though he is, his frame is well-muscled and broad-shouldered. His face is handsome, chiseled and square-jawed with wide cheekbones, though much of his features are hidden behind a full reddish-blonde beard of epic proportions that looks as though it may never have been trimmed. He has a similar overabundance of coppery red hair, the deep red and bronze mane tamed into a neat braid that falls down his back. Even his thick forearms and chest are adorned with tufts of red-blonde hair, making him seem more animal-like in some respects. His eyes are a shade of pale blue that stand out sharp against the smooth tan of his skin.
There is little extravagance or added design to Fergus' outfit, as he seems to favor utility over aesthetics. He wears a simple deep green shirt, the short sleeves straining slightly against the sheer girth of the arms it is meant to contain. A complex array of straps lies diagonally across his chest, allowing him to easily carry his well-honed woodsman's axe slung on his back in easy reach. His pants are of a tough wherhide and have a few more pockets than usual, but otherwise appear normal. His boots lace neatly up the ankle and appear fairly large for a man of his height. Only his wide leather belt seems to have a bit of show to it in the simple design on the silver buckle that seems to suggest the canopy of a tree. The looping knot at his shoulder indicates him as a Journeyman of the Smithcraft.

Fire Lizard: Bronze Stump

At first glance this bronze almost looks like an overlarge brown - his coloration is dark, dingy and tarnished, with only a few telltale gleams of metallic shine along his craggy eyeridges and stumpy tail. His body is squat and thick, though powerful, and his limbs look a little too short for the broadness of his torso. His wings, the membranes mottled with splotches of mud brown, sit just a little crookedly and cause an awkward hitch when he flies that doesn't seem to impede him unduly. Only his underbelly seems to betray his true color - his entire underside is shaded a gleaming coppery bronze, as though its protected position kept it from weathering.

Common Knowledge

  • A relative newcomer to the Weyr, but likely notable due to his appearance.
  • He loves wood of any kind and came to Southern to work with new types from the southern continent.
  • He almost always has his woodsman's axe with him. It's joked by some that it's his baby.
  • He's loyal, patient and dependable and can be fairly articulate with grunts and very few words.
  • There's probably a bet going around to see who can make Fergus laugh, cry or show emotion in general. He's comically stoic at times.

Uncommon Knowledge

  • He may actually not be his father's son. This was a well known rumor back in Lemos, though with his father not being next to him for comparison in Southern it is not likely to come up.
  • His dedication to the Woodcraft is fueled by his need to quell the rumors that he doesn't deserve his father's axe, due to being illegitimate.


  • Angus - Father (supposedly), Master Smithcraft [Wood] back in Lemos Hold, lost several fingers in an accident and can't work as well anymore.
  • Morag - Mother, left Angus and hasn't been heard from since.
  • Fiona - Sister, 4T younger
  • Cormac - brother, 20T younger


Woodworking is something Fergus was born into. His father, Angus, is a Master of the Smithcraft with a specialty in wood and his father before him also was prestigious at the craft. From generation to generation in Lemos Hold, the family tradition has passed from father to son. Angus was bursting with pride at Fergus' birth, anxious to pass the knowledge of woodworking on to the next generation of his family.
It was only a brief ray of hope and happiness, however. Angus and his wife, Morag, had never been the most perfect couple to begin with. Their fights and arguments were legendary in Lemos and their bickering didn't improve after Fergus' birth. In fact, as Fergus grew older, the fighting increased. Arguments turned into lengthy shouting matches and temporary splits of the couple before reconciliating again.
The main sticking point seemed to be Fergus. Namely, the fact that the boy was starting to look nothing at all like Angus. While Fergus' red hair, so different from Angus' pale blonde locks, might be explained away by some throwback to earlier generations, no one could overlook the stark differences in build and facial features. It didn't help that, when Morag gave birth to a daughter 4 turns later, the girl didn't look anything like Angus either. Suspicions ran wild behind Angus' back, though the Master Smithcrafter was either ignorant or chose to ignore the rumors - he treated the children like his own.
The fighting with Morag only continued to increase until finally, when Fergus was 7, she ran off to places unknown. Angus was left to raise Fergus and Fiona on his own.
Despite the rumors of his parentage swirling about him, Fergus grew up in a typical fashion in Lemos Hold. Nurtured by Angus, Fergus' love of woodworking grew and he showed a marked aptitude for the craft. When he was of age, Fergus entered into the Smithcraft as an Apprentice, much to the pride and happiness of his supposed father Angus. Despite his short stature, Fergus was strong and hearty and had a keen eye for wood and a deft hand for crafting it.
All throughout his childhood, Fergus' father Angus remained single, raising his children on his own with the constant rumors swirling at his back. Some say he was hoping that Morag would return. Some say he was too grief stricken at her leaving to take another wife. Either way, he had focused on raising Fergus and Fiona to the best of his abilities. And when Fergus turned 18, he passed his son the beloved woodsman's axe that had passed from father to son all these turns.
And then Angus went and met another woman. Jeni was her name and her sweet manners seemed to finally crack the somewhat surly, thin and blonde Master Smithcrafter who had remained a bachelor for all those turns. Inevitably, a son soon followed. A strapping young boy named Cormac that, much to the delight of the rumor mill, looked like a spitting image of Angus and barely anything like Fergus.
Fergus, at this point, had already made arrangements to be posted at Southern Weyr to study the different types of wood on the southern continent. The rumor mill, however, is still convinced he left to escape the growing conviction that he definitely was not Angus' son and the possibility that Angus may take back the cherished woodsman's axe in order to give it to his true heir.

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