Location Southern Weyr
Position Lynx Wingrider
Dragon Blue Ahruth
Birthplace Back of a wagon in the eye of a storm~
Played By Joseph Gordon-Levitt

E'sren's Description

Naturally upbeat, E'sren has a bark-y laugh and uses a lot of hand gestures. His face expresses well his personality, his cool coming through strongly, and his black eyes squint with every one of those big grins. His jaw is square and chiseled, strong with a good chin, and his nose is a little wide but it suits him. He wears his few inches of dark hair slicked back; his face is cleanshaven, never so much as a shadow of stubble. Beyond that, he's of average height; there's more muscle now than before though he still maintains that lean build. His voice is a low, smoky tenor.

Ahruth's Description

Slick, slender, smooth; a speedster through and through. Gleaming polish buffs the blu cepheus of his hide, metallic bright, every inch of him built for speed - from the aerodynamic slope of his narrow nose to the slimness of his whipcord tail. Lightning-bright argento luna limns the streamlined curve of his spine, striking silver to the tips of his sleek 'ridges and out along the gullwing strength of his cyan-kissed wings. Acapulco darkness lines his undercarriage, road-slicked scuro along the inners of his slender legs, down to the dunkelblau and rubber of his treadmarked paws.

Common Knowledge

- E'sren is an Oldtimer

- part of the Renai trading family, E'sren was an entertainer/sleight of hand artist by trade

- he has a loud, bark-y laugh and a low, smoky tenor

- goes by Chase

- Ahruth is a flashy dragon both in looks and in personality, neon blue in color and fast

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Lisette: …what even.
Cerise: I wanna do stuff for her. To make her laugh or… maybe just to forget for a second. I'm not good at this.


E'sren used to be Rechasren, who was also Chase, a nickname he continues to prefer. He was a trader before being Searched, a salesman and entertainer with a high success rate and good sales record, but wasn't quite what his mother was thinking when it came to the future leadership of her life's work. So she practically threw her son at the search dragon from High Reaches and Chase showed up at the Weyr a couple of weeks before the eggs hatched.

During his time at High Reaches, post Impression, he made quite a different impression. Known for being a stand-up guy, for being studious, and with a good work ethic, most had him pegged for wingsecond later on in life. It came as a surprise when he requested a transfer to Southern not too long out of weyrlinghood.

In general, he's an open, honest guy, laidback almost to a fault. Ahruth is the fast sports car.

Family - Renai Traders

E'sren's father. Earyn died two years ago after the family was struck by a sickness acquired from food poisoning, along with his son, Eamon. The family is still trying to heal after their loss, even if they quickly filled in the holes left by his passing, sheer survival urging them to learn how to function without their patriarch.

E'sren's mother, Siobhan leads this branch of the family alone since the death of E'sren's father, her husband, two years ago. She's a tough lady with a sharp intellect, and she runs a tight ship, some might say she's overcompensating for being a woman, or to make absolutely sure she doesn't lose anyone else. But she's a good woman, fun in her own way, and she loves her family.

E'sren's older brother, deceased. He died two years ago from the same sickness that took his father. Eamon was E'sren's best friend, role model, partner in crime, everything a boy needs growing up rolled into one. The whole family felt this loss, but E'sren especially was heartbroken.

Seamus is E'sren's younger brother by two years and the next up for taking over their branch of the family. He's a levelheaded kid, kind of E'sren's opposite in a lot of ways, which is probably why he's now in the position to take over instead of his older brother. He helps with the books and the business, but also runs the stall.

Merilyn is E'sren's little sister. At fifteen years old, she's at that age where attitude is everything. She's always helped their mother run the stalls and acts as go-fer for them when they're posted, running messages to and from the caravan to keep communication with whoever leads the area. She and E'sren have a playful relationship together.

Siobhan's sister and E'sren's aunt, Harys is a dark, serious woman. She's never been married, the need has never risen, and has been with them as long as E'sren's been alive. She was always ever his confidante when he was a child, and even now he trusts her, talks to her before his mother. She isn't one to judge harshly, but she is brutally honest.

E'sren's cousin on his mother's side, Adelain deals with the clothing they sell, and has been travelling with Siobhan's branch of the family for the past three years. She was married to a man who left her for someone else, and she had nowhere else to go, so on she came.



The Intro - The xx

The Rocky Road to Dublin - The Dubliners

Why Am I So Dizzy? - Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Impression, and life at the Weyr.

I hardly drank last night
Maybe I slept more than I’m used to
But why am I so dizzy?
Was I dreaming when I woke?
Suddenly the phone was ringing
Where was I just now?
Maybe I was underwater

Wake Up - The Arcade Fire

Golden Years - David Bowie

Don't let me hear you say life's taking you nowhere, angel
Come get up my baby
Look at that sky, life's begun
Nights are warm and the days are young
Come get up my baby

Manhattan - Kings of Leon

We're gonna fuel the fire, gonna stoke it up
We're gonna sip this wine and pass the cup
Who needs avenues, who needs reservoirs
Gonna show this town how to kiss these stars

Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Mama told me when I was young
Come sit beside me, my only son
And listen closely to what I say.
And if you do this
It'll help you some sunny day.
Oh, take your time… Don't live too fast,
Troubles will come and they will pass.

Float On - Modest Mouse

Alright already we'll all float on
Ok don't worry we'll all float on
Even if things get heavy we'll all float on

Razzle Dazzle 'Em - Chicago

Give 'em the old razzle dazzle
Razzle Dazzle 'em
Give 'em an act with lots of flash in it
And the reaction will be passionate


The Rainbow Connection - The Muppets

Who said that every wish
Would be heard and answered
When wished on the morning star
Somebody thought of that
And someone believed it
And look what it's done so far

Don't Speak (I came to make a bang) - Eagles of Death Metal

Don't move, don't speak, even whisper
There's something happenin' but don't be scared
I'm too smooth, you never see me coming
I'm never in a hurry, I'm just movin' fast

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