Location Igen Weyr
Position Wingleader (Parhelion)
Craft Former Harper (Sr. Apprentice)
Dragon Green Oriahysciath
Birthplace Bitra Hold
Played By Jennifer Morrison
Player polychrome

Will I be something?
Am I something?

And the answer comes:
You already are.
You always were.
And you still have time to be.
- Anis Mojgani


In spite any stereotypes about blondes and women who care for their appearance, there's something about this woman which comes across as no-nonsense, even at first glance. Perhaps it's the way her blue eyes appear to study the world so critically, or perhaps it's the oft firm set of her lips that speak severity to her otherwise feminine features. Her cheekbones are high and pronounced, giving her rounded cheeks which are particularly evident when she smiles. That blond hair falls in loose waves around her shoulders when down, long enough that it hits the middle of her back. It's clearly well-cared for, and perhaps even the object of some minor vanity. Her body doesn't lack curves, but her toned arms and lean physique speak to a life of athleticism not often seen in the 'traditional' woman. There's confidence in the way she carries herself; the sure step of a woman who know what she brings to the table. It may be that sense of authority which makes her seem older than her turns.
In spite of the usual heat, this young woman seems most often found in dark leggings and boots. She does bow to the weather somewhat, most often seen in a sleeveless top (usually white) when she's not working. Her clothes are fitted but utilitarian in nature, meant to look decent while still being largely functional.

Common Knowledge

  • Arrived at Igen Weyr roughly four turns ago (on
  • Not too fond of talking about anything that happened before she arrived at Igen. Or herself.
  • Workaholic, occasionally to her own detriment.
  • Very vocal feminist, and will always support other young women who try to move up in the ranks.
  • Strong fighter, well-trained in both hand-to-hand combat and swordfighting. Devotes a good deal of time to continuing to improve her skills.
  • Loves to run.
  • Ambitious; Wingsecond won't be enough for her for long.
  • Would much rather spend her time patrolling in the bazaar than anything else; being a guard is her preferred role in spite of Oriahysciath's natural ability when it comes to fighting thread.
  • Speaks with a Fortian accent; her Bitran origins aren't mentioned.



Ko'an: Weyrmate ( Never let me go.
Raghnall: Older brother.
Mairead: Older sister, deceased.
Eanraig: Nephew (Mairead), she recently brought him to Igen to look after him.
Ailsa: Niece (Mairead), she recently brought her to Igen to look after her.

Friends (& Such)

R'em: Smart, a strong rider, even if his background sometimes works against him. She's fond of him.
V'ard: Former wingmate, sort of friend? She may not agree with all of his decisions as WL, but he's good company.


R'xim: Good at what he does, but they don't quite see eye-to-eye on the abilities of women. Even if he did promote her.
K'ra: Quiet. She hasn't spent much time in his company, so he's still something of a mystery.
Naomi: A fellow former guard, and her fellow Weyrling Wingleader turned wingmate. Strong.


C'sei: Downside: he searched her. Upside: he brings her alcohol, and he's not bad company.
Tyzana: Sweet girl. Feels a little protective of her.
Veresch: There's no trust there after the episode in the caverns, but Ver remains someone she feels she can understand.
Zeyta: Admiration. She's something to aspire to, even if she is a brownrider.
Zh'ain: He seems like a decent guy, even if they don't always see eye-to-eye.
Nasrin: Strong girl, R'em's sister. Appreciates her ability to recognize her weaknesses.
Leevi: Her candidate. She's oddly fond of him, even if he abandoned Igen before the hatching.
G'deon: Seemed to know what he was doing. He'll be missed.
M'tej: Not sure what to make of him yet, either.
R'keon: Her favorite former AWLM. (This isn't bribery at all.)



Born and bred in Bitra Hold, Ealasaid bears the scars (some literal) of one who has had to scrape and scrap for much of what she has. She's the youngest of three in a poor family, and grew up watching her siblings and parents fight for everything they had. Her mother died when she was only six turns of age, giving birth to a child who wouldn't survive the year. Her father hit the bottle, which left her oldest sister - only ten turns at the time - to care for a nine-turn old brother and Ealasaid when the old man was too drunk to function. It certainly wasn't an easy life, but it's one that Ealasaid has done her best to put behind her — which is why it's practically a footnote in this history.

Ealasaid had an interest in the work of the Harpers. Not so much the musical portion of that work, but she found the idea of history and arbitration to be an interesting one. While her family didn't have much, her siblings (and even her father) put their collective heads together to arrange it so that their baby sister found a place at Harper Hall as an apprentice as the age of twelve. It was a dream come true for the girl who thought she'd spend the rest of her life fighting for scraps amidst Bitra's more unsavory elements.

And then one day, it wasn't. In truth, it had probably been creeping up on her for some time, but for Ealasaid, it was as though she woke up one day and realized she was unhappy with the life laid out for her. It was more than she'd ever expected, and yet it was nothing that she wanted. She'd just earned her Sr. Apprentice knot, and for a couple more turns she weighed feelings of obligation against her own desires, until the latter finally won. At eighteen turns, she turned in her Harper knot and hit the road.

Afraid that she was letting her family down by leaving, Ealasaid chose to live among traders, traveling from place to place rather than go home again. Eventually, she found her way to Igen Weyr. The strange relationship between Weyr and Bazaar caught her interest, and after spending a bit of time between the two, the young woman eventually decided to take up a post as one of Igen Weyr's guards. For six months she has served the weyr, and while she still debates returning to Harper Hall, for the first time in turns she feels like she has a future she can live with.

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