Location Salt Flats Hold
Position Holdfolk
Birthplace Salt Flats Hold


Height is paramount to his youth, but only just slightly as a saving grace. Olive skin and ample outdoor opportunity gives him a swarthiness in league with brown-black hair he can tie into a ponytail. Eidruko's build is lean, stretched by a 6' frame too adult for the peach fuzz guarded on his jaw. Narrowed color comes out in his irises: a tawny jade green contributed from his mother.

He wears cheap cambric robes tucked into pants, the latter more common in the Weyr than his home Hold. Sometimes an impractical rider's jacket is donned, too well-worn to be useful in the sky, but sufficient for cold nights and hero worship on the ground.

Common Knowledge

  • Known to be lazy if he can get away with it
  • Father is brownrider V'reid of Igen Weyr

Uncommon Knowledge

  • Has moments of dazzling intelligence, but does a lot to hide it




Eidruko is a fourth generation inhabitant of Salt Flats Hold, otherwise known as the Salt Flats or the further abridged "Flats". His father V'reid was once picked up there by Igen Searchriders and he Impressed brown Byreuth just shy of twenty Turns prior. A green-eyed woman once hoping to be his wife followed him to the Weyr and bore him a son, but she ultimately couldn't tolerate Weyr life and voluntarily went back to the Salt Flats. Eidruko wasn't raised in paternal isolation, V'reid would visit as often as his duties allowed.

As he nears Search age himself, Eidruko is facing the pressure from his sire to present himself to forthcoming Searchriders in an attempt to also join Igen's fighting wings. As the boy's formal harper education came to a close, he's been spending more time with the salt harvests, reluctantly moving up from menial labor to helping determine its market value and trade worth. This has often superseded his personal desire for guard training, something their Hold professionally offers little of.

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Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
Party in the Pit 09 Jan 2018 05:00

Divale, Xanthee, Eidruko, Ramita, Varli

It's Fight Night and a rather disparate group of Igenites come in to enjoy the festivites



Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com