Eiko (Peikko)
Location Igen Weyr
Position Wingrider
Wing Sandblast
Dragon Brown Imevharameyth
Birthplace Benden Hold
Played By Emma Watson
Player Player


If ever there was an adult who looked more like a teenager, Eiko would be that person. Small is stature and even smaller in bust, this is a woman who could be considered cute but never sexy. She tops out at five foot, one inch at the best of times, her body petite. Skinny, yes, but muscluar as well. Eiko is trimmed of fat and quite fit that suggests an active lifestyle. A halo of sunbleached locks, trimmed boyishly short in a messy pixie cut. The lack of long hair causes rounded hazel eyes to appear even larger which only aids in her childlike appearance. A button nose and two slashes for a mouth round off the rest of this dragonrider's appearance.

There is no need for fashion, only functionality, in the simple riding leathers that cover Eiko's body. Plain in color, a chestnut brown, with absolutely no emphasis on the slight curves that make up this woman's form. Goggles hang off of the dragonrider's neck, ready to be dragged into place at a moment's notice. Black boots, scuffed from daily wear and tear, encase her feet. Dowdy, some might say, but ready for anything is Eiko. If only the clothes she wears were created for a female instead of a pubescent lad.

Common Knowledge

Eiko is originally from Benden Weyr. She came to Igen Weyr in the desperate attempt to be accepted as a female on a fighting dragon.

Eiko is an overachiever. She will go above and beyond the call of duty to prove her worth. As such, some times she can be manipulated or taken advantage of quite easily.

Imevharameyth is the fattest dragon ever. And the laziest.



Peikko is born and raised at Benden Hold. She is the middle child of a nanny and a guard with an older brother and a younger brother. As the only girl, it was assumed she would take on a female role that is normal for women in the day and time. Either following her mother as a nanny or joining an appropriate craft, such as the Bakers. Though her parents were also hoping to marry her off to a cotholder's son, in an attempt to gain some rank with other holders. Sadly, their daughter never quite blossomed the way they had hoped. It was no drop dead beauty in their midsts, instead a simple, childlike teenager with more of a boys body than that of a girls.

Peikko had no talent for cooking, burning even water when given half the chance, and most children tended to hate her. So even with her cute and childish features, her parents were arranging a marriage for the girl with a rather lofty dowry. Luck was on her side, however, when a few months past her fourteenth turnday she was Searched along with a few other girls to stand for a Queen egg on the Benden Sands. Knowing what an honor it is to be asked to Stand, her parents were thrilled and encouraged their daughter to do her best. What is better than a daughter who is also a goldrider? Much better than a cotholder's wife!

Candidacy was an eye opening experience, Peikko learning the ways of the Weyr all while being in reverance of the amazing beasts called dragons. Hatching day arrived quickly enough, the numerous females being lead onto the sands, away from the main clutch and forming a semicircle around the golden egg. Mere seconds seemed to last hours as the egg thrashed all about and it was with much excitement and nervousness when the gold hatched. For a few moments Peikko thought for sure the dragon was hers, as it made its way in her direction. Closer, closer, closer still… the moment of Impression was surely on hand until the gold hatchling stopped just short of the girl, impressing to Peikko's long time friend, Bailey, instead.

As the new gold pair left the sands, the remaining girls not chosen were being rounded up by assistant weyrlingmasters to remove them from the sands as the rest of the hatching was taking place. Peikko was one of the last to start moving. She had barely turned on her heel to start walking to the hatching exit when the fattest, most obese brown hatchling laborously made his way nearer and nearer the female. One of the first to hatch, though one of the last to impress, this brown dragonet was truly fat. Speed was not an asset to this beast, though he had slowly been making his way towards Peikko since the very beginning, bypassing all the other lads vying (or hiding from his unique greasy smell) for his attention. Finally, after ALL that movement, the hatchling made it near enough to grab the eye of Peikko, causing the girl to turn back towards the hatching, move a few steps closer and… Impression! A hushed silence fell over the hatching ground sands. Until a roar of irritation and resentment flowed from the candidates not chosen by a dragon. Peikko, now Eiko, had Impressed a fighting dragon, while ranked /male/ candidates were left Standing.

Weyrlinghood was not kind for Eiko. Outside of Bailey, who generally was stuck learning how to become a Weyrwoman, she was the only female dragonrider among a large clutch of males. Always forced to be last, generally ignored by most of the weyrlingmasters, she had to fight tooth and nail to prove herself to be worthy of her brown dragon… something she never, ever was able to accomplish. It didn't help her dragon was not much help. Imevharameyth did not really enjoy working hard for anything, preferring to spend his days eating and sleeping. Benden was tainted with Eiko and Imevharameyth, a dishonor to have a female on a fighting dragon. While she eventually passed weyrlinghood and was able to join the ranks of a full fledged dragonrider, she was shuffled from wing to wing as no Wingleader wanted her in their ranks.

Enough was enough. After ten long, painful turns as being the joke of Benden Weyr, Eiko took matters into her own hands. After scouring the Weyrs of Pern, she put in for a Transfer at Igen Weyr, hoping beyond hope that their diminished numbers would have them accepting a hardworking brownrider, no matter her gender.

Gallery / Icons


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