Location Igen Weyr
Position Jr. Journeyman
Craft Starcraft
Status* Retired
Player** outcastandcrew


Sparrow slim and fine-featured, this wisp of a girl is all narrow shoulders and slender midrift: indeed she looks quite a bit younger than she is, often, with her predilection for casual garments and her tousled, chestnut hair so often sunstreaked gold. Hers is a face sweet enough to cause cavities, with her elegant eyebrows and expressive brown eyes, and the mobile width of her lips. There is no denying physical appeal when she gives care to her appearance, her bosom ample enough to support truth to her status as a woman, her skin creamy, her smile charming.

When not officially pursuing her duties, she is often found in comfortable clothing as is the fashion of where she is, often loose-fitting and oversized, and tending to bright colors. A knack for smart dressing finds her suited when working: crisp pants and modest tunics, often belted at the trim narrow of her waist.

Common Knowledge

She was an apprentice when Rhaeyn appeared in the skies over Igen — and assigned to the delegation that originally went to Igen to assist the oldtimer queen.

She stayed the two turns it took for life to come back to normal — but it didn't really ever return to normal, then, did it?

Returning with her master, she walked the tables surprisingly quickly for a young nowtime woman: evidence enough of her fine breeding, gentle upraising, and quick mind with numbers. (It probably helps that her father is a prolific Smith master, but who's really counting on that? After all, it's what you know, not who you know… right? Right?)

She was sent back to Igen on demand of the Starcraft, leading people to wonder if the reason she was allowed to walk the tables at all was to give the Starcraft an excuse to send a non-senior journeyman to assist the weyr in their threadfall predictions.

She worked with the weyr at some of the strange weather that they experienced — and went on to work with the candidates on the late, great weyrleader W'rin's request.

She's been seen less gregarious of late, withdrawn with the sporaticness of threadfall of late.

It's common to see her around with a sketchpad and charcoal, sketching various points of architecture around the weyr.


Il'ian: He's kind of an asshole. She doesn't like his Sargaeroth. Il'ian and Elle have an uneasy truce these days.
Mayte: Possibly stranger than Il'ian. Seems very much into cheese. And stolen meatrolls. And seeing Elle attached to someone.
F'in: Grommet. Smartass. Funny. Different, now.
Th'bek: Excellent sense of humor. Intelligent for a stableboy. She misses conversing with him, now that he's a rider.
T'ral: There are NO WORDS. NONE. Just feelings. (Angry ones.)
W'rin: She mourned him as much as she mourned anyone: he was sensible, enjoyed charts, and had a great taste in whiskey.
R'xim: Seems a troubled soul. All that thumbnail chewing.


Here a graceful runner, ruddy bright-dark: a deep blood bay is marred by darkened dapples of robust health, shading all the bright fire of her coloration to darkest high black points. Mane and tail grow in flowing abundance, heavy and thick, as straight as a board. There is no height to her, slim-built and elegant, an Igenbred from her dished face to the flag of her tail.



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