Location Southern Weyr Climes
Position Southern Trader
Birthplace oldtime Ista Weyr
Father Cullen
Mother Mireille
Other Family Sienna (aunt), Eli, Corbin (uncle)
Player Player
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No slender sapling, she; Ellen is heavy-built like a pitbull, she's all slab shoulders, long railroad-tie torso, thick wrists, sturdy thighs, with a sort of knuckly-masculine grace to her long-fingered hands. With a skin tone beaten into a rusty tan of melted-together freckles, scraped and scarred from rough living, her facial features are abrupt. Thin lips, a strong jaw, her blond eyebrows give the sense of bare eye ridges, beneath which a pair of lively half-moon eyes, faded green, are set deep under heavy eyelids, affecting a sort of perma-squint. Her thick dirty blond hair is prone to mat, set through with frequent feathers and beads, hanging over her face like ivy off a stone wall.

Though at a glance, Ellen's garb is rugged patch-work frayed and utilitarian, she seems to have integrated a sort of feral style into it; her rough-spun green jerkin is sleeveless, harboring five small stars sewn down the ridge of one shoulder, mismatched bone and shell fragments as buttons for each breast pocket, a fringe of small beads and feathers swinging from hem. She mixes out trousers and multi-layered scarf skirts, barefoot more often than not, with many strings of small colorful beads encircling her sturdy neck, leather bracers laced around either forearm.

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