Location Southern
Position Senior Apprentice
Craft Baker
Birthplace Telgar
Played By Mary Lambert
Player dojilee


If it’s true that one should never trust a skinny chef, Elonoora might be a paragon of dependability. This young woman is on the heavier side as far as weight is concerned, but she won’t let that get her down. Her round face dimples when she smiles and her broad shoulders are useful when someone needs one to cry on. Her long dark hair is usually pulled back into a practical bun, but some stubborn wisps of hair frequently escape.

Elonoora is dressed for duty today and it’s clear the kitchens are where her tasks lie. Her green paisley dress has been protected from the worst of a floury mess by a canvas apron tied carefully around her waist. No sandals for this lady. Her shoes are a pair of klah brown clogs. They’re not pretty, but at least her toes won’t get scalded by anything.

Common Knowledge

-Frequently seen gathering a bushel of whatever berry might be in season at the boardwalk.
-Always looking for volunteers to try out her numerous experiments.
-Usually the food is good, but when it's bad, it's really bad! Will you dare to take the risk?


-Ha'ze- Her actual father, although her foster dad did more of the actual parenting.
-Xanthee- Recently found half-sister. Cakes make news go over easier, right?


Elonoora (or Norie to her friends) was born to one of the kitchen workers at Telgar Weyr and raised with a passel of siblings, half-siblings and foster siblings. It was a big, loud, sometimes dysfunctional, but most always loving family. From the time she could toddle, Norie started helping out with kitchen tasks. First some simple stirring, but it wasn’t long before she started helping out making cookies and kept progressing. She liked making the food almost as much as she liked eating it. When she got old enough to decide on an apprenticeship, the choice was really a no brainer. Into the baker craft she went, wide eyed and ready for adventure.

There wasn’t really much adventure in Fort, not that she found it boring. There were always classes and chores and new folks to talk to (and she would talk with anyone and everyone). As time drew close for her to start thinking of projects to earn her Journeyman’s knot, Elonoora began to focus on fruits and all the many varieties of desserts that can be made with them. In her desire to write a practical encyclopedia on fruit, the opportunity to go to Southern and study arose and she seized it.

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